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Michael J Loftus -New Vision- Dublin North West February 11, 2011

From the 2011 General election a flyer from New Vision / Independent candidate Michael J Loftus running in Dublin North West. A well known Referee in Dublin GAA circles this is his first time running for the Dail.
His Website


One Response to “Michael J Loftus -New Vision- Dublin North West”

  1. The group calling itself ‘New Vision’ is not to be confused with the officially registered Political Party Fís Nua. Fís Nua translates to New Vision in English. Fís Nua shares the concerns of this unregistered political grouping in relation to the separation of the bank and sovereign debt but also has a much wider and comprehensive manifesto covering the end to the bank bailout, for social justice, sustainability, a steady-state economy, greater democracy with devolution of power and an end to corruption. Fís Nua is standing five candidates in this election: Cllr Pat Kavanagh and Gerry Kinsella in Wicklow; Dr Ben Nutty in Waterford; Liam Johnston in Dublin Central; and Peadar Ó Ceallaigh in Dublin South East. Further information can be found on our website

    Dr Mary Attenborough, Fís Nua Federated Party Coordinating Committee

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