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Flyer for David Bradley -Christian Candidate -Louth 2011 GE February 10, 2011

From the 2011 General Election a flyer from ‘Christian Candidate’ David Bradley who is running in Louth.
“…God not the politicians , is in charge of of our country and we seem to have forgotten that. God is our Sovereignty”


28 Responses to “Flyer for David Bradley -Christian Candidate -Louth 2011 GE”

  1. theraggedwagon Says:

    Oh God ! …. [*puts face into palms*]

    • David Bradley Says:

      I put my face in my palms when I see the mess created by some political leaders who were motivated by selfish ambitions and greed for power and wealth, like some other nations….We are now all paying the price for that. And God CAN put things right if we will only reach out for His help. See what God can do – why not give Him a chance? God bless, David Bradley, Independent Christian Candidate, Louth

  2. cornflakegirl Says:

    ‘involve God in our decision making from now on’, is he serious? How does propose to do that?

    Religion and politics are two very different things and should stay that way. We’ve seen how bad things can get when the two are mixed together.

    • David Bradley Says:

      Thank you for your valued comments. It’s not about RELIGION – it’s about people, and the spirit of the Lord that lives within people. His commandments are law. If we subdue what is good and follow a corrupt and selfish set of values, how can things come right for the good of all people? This is why I am doing my best to remind politicians that they have a duty to involve God who is a gentle spirit and wants to be a part of what they do. This is the only chance we have to recover. Give it a try? The leaders of the parties can’t agree on anything because their policies lack what is needed for a country that has gone so wrong – God’s supernatural intervention for a country that shows it is willing to accept Him and show some worthiness. God bless you, David Bradley, Independent Christian Candidate, Louth

  3. And I say unto David: Render under Caesar that which is Caesar’s and to God That which is God’s; and man cannot serve two masters for he must love the one and despise the other or love the other and despise the fist.
    Davy boy… Get a grip will you?

    • David Bradley Says:

      Liam, many thanks for your comments – what you say, i.e. that man cannot serve two masters for he must love the one and despise the other or love the other and despise the first is very true. The reason why our nation and the rest of the world have fallen into chaos – because man chose to serve the wrong master. God bless you, Liam.

  4. Jason Says:

    Just for the record the Dáil does start each session with a prayer to ask God’s aid and guidance.

    “Direct, we beseech Thee, O Lord, our actions by Thy holy inspirations and carry them on by Thy gracious assistance; that every prayer and work of ours may always begin from Thee, and by Thee be happily ended; through Christ Our Lord. Amen.”

    Doesn’t seemed to work very well. Almost as if there was nothing to hear it 🙂

    • David yBradley Says:

      Thank you Jason. What we must remember is that saying in saying that prayer, one must develop ones own faith rather than conduct a ritual – the prayer must be from the heart. There’s a difference between saying a prayer and praying. God bless, david Bradley, Independent Christian Candidate, Louth

    • David Bradley Says:

      By the way, Jason – if our motives are based on bad values – God is NOT there, you are right………that is because He wants good for ALL people. If our people and politicians humbly accept His laws, then we and our country will be living righteously and we will be saved. WE WILL THEN SEE AND FEEL GOD’S PRESENCE instead of what you have observed: ‘Almost as if there was nothing to hear’ …… God bless you, David Bradley, Independent Christian Candidate, Louth

  5. josephine bow Says:

    Well done David. It’s an unpopular thing to do today to bring God into the picture, but it’s His very absence in our lives that has us in the situation we find ourselves in today. Don’t mind the knockers, there’ll always be loads of them.

    • David yBradley Says:

      Thank you, and it is my honour to defend the God I love – the God who sent His only son to die for us and to resue us in all our trials. David Bradley

  6. Eugene Farrell Says:

    There’s more chance of Jesus rising again from the dead than there is of this Drogheda yahoo helping to resurect our crucified economy……..

  7. JOAN OHARE Says:

    Halo David,
    I believe that what happened in Ireland is greed and corrupion by failed accountabilty by Government and greedy banks when the Government should not have baled out at expense to people the taxpayers, It is fact that satan has being busy in Ireland for years, God was forgotten. the high price now injustice, psalm 91 God is our security, i note it was in Belfast Irish newspaper refered by Ireland CFE on suvial of Donal Walsh who walked away with no injuries from a plane crash at Cork Airport, it was said that he had being at prayer group previously and Psalm91 was read out in prayers by friends monday before plane crash Thurday.
    The facts are clear we need Christian Candidates elected into Government with descent policies vision to lead Ireland representing Irish people moral values we uphold, it takes statemanship who believes in fairness, accountablty, justice who do not reward themselves hugh saleries and bonuses, cutbacks start from the top, they had no shame the buck stops at this point. Lisbon treaty a mistake because they the TDs refused to listen to experts, to much given away by Ireland, turning point is acknowledgement of worngdoing to stop greedy polticions in lusting only for power me me at same time destroying our Country and duty of Gov is to care for its people health, morals respecting our values we said no to abortions or any threats to euthanisia the Constitution is will of the people, God is for every creed colour, He is very much important in Constitution of the Island of Ireland, I encouage people to vote for CSP as we need better Ireland and no more corrupion and descent TDs with visions to get Ireland out of the mess previously Government mismanagement and baleout greedy bankers created.

    • David yBradley Says:

      Thank you so very much for your encouragement – and the fine Christian values you profess. God bless you, David Bradley

  8. JOAN OHARE Says:

    Thank you GOD for wisdom of CSP, VOTE 1 FOR ALL CSP
    DEFEND the unborn child, mothers equally, elderly sick, and disabled,
    THE CONSTITUTION hard won, because its shameful for Government to sell out our vaues or to neglect citizens health care when many CAN NOT AFFORD Privite health insurance.WE NEED INVESTMENT IN JOBS, LOW FEES FOR STUDENTS NOT INCREASES.

    • Joan, Changes in people’s motives, attitudes and behaviour are not only possible but are also the only certainty on which wider and lasting change in society emerge. This is the experience of millions of people around the world who have decided to start such a process in their lives. This often begins with a person’s moral and spiritual response to the world’s needs. ‘Starting with myself’ may sound too simple, but there is a certain logic to it. Do I want to see peace in the world? How about starting with my own relationship with family, colleagues, friends and neighbours? Do I want to see an end to the corruption which has broken Ireland, a country our forefathers laid down their lives for ? Why not begin by being honest and trustworthy myself? When people change, the structure of society changes; and when the structure of society changes, people also change. Both go hand in hand. I suggest that we
      · listen to our conscience or ‘inner voice’- the leading of God – for direction and correction;
      · seek to apply absolute values of honesty, unselfishness and love of life and the natural beauty God has given us; restitution for past mistakes and extending forgiveness to those who have hurt us;
      · discover what our faith means in practice by responding to the call of conscience and compassion; and
      · engage in open and honest dialogue between people of different backgrounds.

  9. David Bradley Says:

    Dear Eugene, May I respectfully suggest you read in God’s Word the Holy Bible,John Ch. 3 v. 16: For God so loved the world that whoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world but that the world through Him might be saved. God bless you, Your brother in Christ, David Bradley,
    Independent Christian Candidate, Louth

    • Eugene Farrell Says:

      Dear David, May I respectfully suggest that you could improve your chances of election if you minimise the ‘God factor’ from your manifesto….thats not to say that you couldn’t still espouse this privately through your work…I’m not personally a believer in God although I do think its a case of everyman for himself and what ever works for you personally. I don’t impose my beliefs, or lack of, on anyone else and I prefer when others reciprocate.

      Might I also add that I do think that there is definately a great need to address the lack of morality in politics, banking and business although I’m not sure that mixing the God factor into those areas will necessarily help. In fact the Church has its own more serious lack of morals which have gone unchecked for centurys and as yet the church has not put its hand up in any meaningful way and apologised. If you introduce the God factor to politics, you are bound to alienate a large section of the public who either tag it as a nutty suggestion or who have a serious problem with the church. In order to get people to listen to and follow one, one needs to demonstrate honesty, power, control and most importantly a modicom of social intelegence.

      Might I also add that many will view your God manifesto as a means of capitalisng on the ‘beaten’ and depressed members of the public in this time of recession. Some would regard it as ‘preying’ more than ‘praying’.

      But hey, this is only my opinion and I wouldn’t have stated it except that you have put yourself forward publically for election and have been brave enough to give us your opinion. My right as a listening voter is to debate with the talking votee.



  10. David Bradley Says:

    Dear Eugene, Thank you very much for your reply. What I am trying to do is encourage people to realise our abuse of the free will God gave us. That is why the world is in such a state – may I put this on a parallel? If one buys a new car, in order for it to give ultimate performance, one will need to carry out to the letter the instructions in the manual. What would happen if one were to put apple juice into that car instead of petrol or diesel?! If we, the human race, had observed God’s manual – the Holy Bible – to the letter also, we would be living in a perfect world. The Church is neither a building or a man made institution – the Church is the people who adhere to God’s honest and good principles. Along the way our ancestors, perhaps disillusioned and perhaps finding what they thought was more attraction in the ways of the world, turned away from God when they did not need to – they did not need an institutionalised organisation to be close to a loving God and to follow his commandments. It is never too late for anyone to accept what God did in sending His son to die for us – for those who need Jesus, I say: you will be accepted just as you are. HE will make any necessary changes if you invite Jesus into your heart and life.Your brother in Christ, David Bradley, CHRISTIAN Candidate, Louth

    • Eugene Farrell Says:

      I suppose it just reamains to be said that you’ve put your proposition forward to me although I will NOT be voting for you because I remain unconvinced as to the merit of your manifesto and the beneficial contribution you could make to resolving the current troubles which Ireland is experiencing…..


  11. crasto family Says:

    Wishing you well in the election. God bless .

    • David Bradley Says:

      Thank you so much, Jacob & family – I appreciate your wishes but most of all I appreciate your prayers that my humble efforts may encourage people to turn back to God and trust in him for all their needs. We love you all, God bless, your brother in Christ, David

  12. Criostoir Says:

    You know something, I might just give you my number one. Fed up with parties pretending one thing to one group and then something else to another. FF and FG are both telling Pro-life campaign they are opposed to abortion and gay marriage and then when they get elected they start talking about developing consensus and avoiding destructive campaigns.

    Good luck to you mate and fair play for putting yourself forward.

    • Criostoir, Many thanks for your encouragement and may God guide
      you to make the right decision. What I believe in with all my heart
      is the the promises of God God in His gospels. These are the promises
      you can rely on, not the promises of a group of men who cannot
      agree with each other on anything. Each one thinks they have the
      right answers – and each of the others disagree. Bless you – David
      Bradley, Independent Christian Candidate, Louth

  13. Ronan Says:

    I think this is a GREAT idea, elect GOD now.

  14. Ronan Says:

    By the way, what is it with Christians and CAPS LOCK? Its very annoying and I think it indicates that they have a lot of ANGER.

    Look, there’s nothing wrong with being religious or spiritual. It its pure form, its generally a good thing with positive social effects (although, as we’ve seen throughout history, religious people are not above corruption once they’ve been elevated to higher office). The big BUT is that beyond individual corruption, introducing a system of government based around religious beliefs has had a rather poor track record down through the ages.

    • Thank you for your comments,Ronan – May I suggest, respectfully, that you take a look around at the disastrous situations not only to have hit Ireland but also the rest of the world as a result of man thinking he knows it all and having excluded God from his decision making. God does not appear to feature in the election manifestos of other candidates and that is why I suggest we turn to Him for the answers that Man cannot provide without God’s intervention. God is standing by waiting with open arms to embrace us and our needs. He wants to help but who is going to Him to ask Him to save our beautiful country? God bless you, my friend

  15. President Barack Obama is such an example of honesty, integrity, decency, morality, inspiration and encouragement that I suggest College Green (where is the ‘green’ anyway?!) be renamed ‘Barack Obama Place’ not only to keep the memory of his visit and message in the forefront but also to acknowledge that he has given us the hope our own leaders have failed to give. President Obama is a God fearing man from whose book many of our politicians should take a leaf.

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