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“Mass Immigration Led To Ireland’s Crash…” -Ted Neville- Irish Solidarity Party-Cork South Central February 8, 2011

From the 2011 General Election campaign a leaflet from Ted Neville of the Irish Solidarity Party with the eye catching headline “Mass Immigration Led To Ireland’s Crash…”.
Ted is running in Cork South Central. He has stood previously for the Immigration Control Platform (leaflet here) and polled 804 votes in 2007


70 Responses to ““Mass Immigration Led To Ireland’s Crash…” -Ted Neville- Irish Solidarity Party-Cork South Central”

  1. Drithleóg Says:

    It is utter rubbish to claim that mass immigration (which we don’t have) had anything to do with the economic crash. The migrant workers are victims in this as much as the Irish people are. Their countries have been robbed by capitalist crooks (mostly from the so-called developed world) just as ours has been. Our own migrants are making the same trip around the world to find work and hope.

    • Ted is right to the extent that immigrants built a lot of houses which they themselves then lived in. Had they not come the demand wouldn’t have been there. But surely the demand for workers occurred AFTER the building boom had started. So Ted had the cart before the horse here. Also, he forgets, emigration from Ireland is ‘tolerated’ abroad so we have to to the same here. That’s only fair. Ted drives a Morris Minor (or used to) so that might explain his slightly distorted vision!!!

      • fraz1971 Says:

        Actually post 9/11 money became very cheap to borrow. Businesses had money thrown at them and building projects were planned using the cheap credit. If you plan loads of building projects then you need buyers. That’s why the floodgates were opened.

        The same thing happened globally. To feed the building frenzy multiculturalism was hailed as the future of Europe. Now that the banks have hardely any reserves the game is up. There is not enough credit available to fuel a building boom and influx of foreigners.

        Cameron, Sarkozy and Merkel are now telling us that multiculturalism has failed. Strange timing eh?

        Ted was right from the word go. Did anyone ask the people of Ireland if the wanted multiculturalim?

        Left-wing ‘rights’ groups did a great job on behalf of the banks and lawyers.

      • BetamaxLives Says:

        “Did anyone ask the people of Ireland if the (sic) wanted
        multiculturalim? (sic)”

        Well Fraz, we have a democratic system in this country, elections
        are held regularly on a local, national and European level. In
        addition to this there are the rather less regular and/or representative
        Presidential and Senatorial elections.

        The point I’m making here, is that if the Irish people were
        actually unhappy with the direction the country was taking,
        there were many opportunities for them to voice their concerns
        (the now defunct ICP ran in several elections over the last ten
        years and has on every occasion, lost its deposits)

        Long story short… if you, Crazy Ted and a bunch of psychotic
        nutters on the internet want to work your selves into a frenzy
        about the fact that less than 3.5% of the population of this
        country come from outside the EU, then knock your selves

        The rest of us are rather more concerned with dull, grown up
        stuff like unemployment, debt and the financial crisis.

      • Steven Says:

        Mass immigration is about cutting wages. That’s a serious issue that we’re not allowed to discuss without being jumped upon by slanderous idiots like you who see racists everywhere. It’s not because the public are uninterested as you well know they just won’t go there. We’re bleeding people out of the country, big dole queues and plenty of foreigners in Irish jobs. It’s tough to say for many but it is true. Don’t shoot the messenger. The IMF, debt stuff is more important but that doesn’t make mass immigration unimportant. As for democracy it gave us years and years and years of Haughey, Cowen and Ahern. So good luck with that.

      • BetamaxLives Says:

        Well Stevo… Democracy – “good luck with that”? You have
        an alternative?

        We have a STV PR system of voting with multiple seat
        constituencies. A set up that best serves independents and
        small parties and yet, for the last 14 years we, as a nation
        have consistently supported a party that promised us “boom
        and bloom” with a side order of greed and “We’re
        Number 1!” Isn’t it time we took a little responsibility for the
        situation that we find ourselves in rather than blaming
        everybody that we can point a finger at?

        And as for whining about “they’re over here taking our jobs
        and our dole”; a few easily verifiable stats for you…

        * There are nearly 10 times as many UK nationals here as
        there are Nigerians, (wanna kick out all the British and have
        them return the favour?)

        * More than 100,000 Eastern Europeans have left
        since the collapse of our economy in 2007/8

        * The year on year decrease in the issue of Irish work visas
        2009-2010 is 19%

        * Non-EU nationals make up 3.5% of the population yet
        account for 3.2% of the live register.

        The point I’m making here is that immigration is way, way
        down on the list of factors that need to be focused on right

        More important issues would include;

        * Bondholder responsibility.

        * Reform of our political culture.

        * Truly learning from our mistakes and promising ourselves
        that we will never again fall for the lie of free money and
        never ending property bubbles.

        Perhaps if you picked up a paper from time to time as
        opposed to formulating your views based on the rantings of
        taxi drivers and underinformed dossers in your local pub,
        you might know this.

      • Steven Says:

        Most of what you say is talking past what I said. Some of it seems to addressing what I haven’t said. Then a lovely little insult at the end. Disrespect seems to be your stock-in-trade. Your wrong actually ‘Betamax’. I read avidly.

        New figures show 69,039 foreign nationals were issued personal public service (PPS) numbers in 2010 (Irish Times Jan 2011)

        However, people issued with numbers from Lithuania and Romania increased to 4,353 and 3,002 respectively in 2010.(Irish Times Jan 2011)

        The fact that more than 69,000 new PPS numbers were issued shows that immigration is a permanent phenomenon.(Irish Times Jan 2011)

        This time last year, only 5,822 work permits had been issued for the first time or renewed, but by September this year, the figure had risen to 6,621, a 14pc increase. (Independent Sep 2010)

        This should not happening in a country with an emigration rate.

      • Kev Says:

        “Some of it seems to addressing what I haven’t said”.. Well “Steve”, its all about what you don’t say.

        The article you’re quoting is about immigration decreasing but your using it to try to create an increase in immigration.

        The headline is “No of Poles Registering to work down 37%”

        And your Quote “New figures show 69,039 foreign nationals were issued personal public service (PPS) numbers in 2010”

        Has been sniped out of “THE NUMBER of Poles registering to work in Ireland fell by 37 per cent to 8,742 last year reflecting lower immigration due to the recession.
        New figures show 69,039 foreign nationals were issued personal public service (PPS) numbers in 2010, down from 79,986 a year earlier. This compares to 156,151 registrations in 2008 of PPS numbers, which are allocated by the Department of Social Protection to enable people to work or access public services.”

        And your snip of “However, people issued with numbers from Lithuania and Romania increased to 4,353 and 3,002 respectively in 2010.”

        Is actually “The number of people from Latvia issued with PPS numbers fell to 3,134 in 2010, down from 3,916 in 2009. Those from from Slovakia fell to 1,288 in 2010, down from 1,784 in 2009.
        However, people issued with numbers from Lithuania and Romania increased to 4,353 and 3,002 respectively in 2010. These figures, which go against the general downward trend, may reflect lower living standards and a deep recession in both countries in recent years.”

        You then hijack “The fact that more than 69,000 new PPS numbers were issued shows that immigration is a permanent phenomenon.”

        From “The Immigrant Council of Ireland said it was no surprise there had been a drop in the figures as a consequence of the economic crisis.
        “The fact that more than 69,000 new PPS numbers were issued shows that immigration is a permanent phenomenon . . . migrants make up a significant proportion of the population and will continue to do so,” the council said.
        Figures on PPS numbers provide an indication of inward migration, although they do not show how many people have left the State since registering.2 ”

        I believe we have spoken below about the habit of people like yourself and Ted to twist the evidence to suite an already preconceived notion and why this is not a good thing.

        At this stage I think I am done here, you are a charlatan who will go to any lengths to justify targeting immigrants for your own agenda, whatever that me be.

        Please don’t take this as a dig or a jibe but I do recommend that you consider visiting your local mental health professional, you have a problem.

        Adios amigo.


      • Steven Says:

        “but your using it to try to create an increase in immigration.”

        Did I say there was an increase in mass immigration? No! I never said there was an increase in immigration you hopeless fool. It’s a magical world you live in Kev. He makes up arguments I never said and posts a string of waffle that’s supposed to ‘refute’ his own arguments he himself just pulled out of his arse. Back to the meds kev. Oh and give the nurse back the keyboard I think its aggravating you precarious mental state.

  2. Sean Murphy Says:

    Mind bogglingly bigoted, I was wondering when the far right would show up during this election.

  3. sean walker Says:

    he is right we want to wake up this country is an open door for non nationals………… non eu people are getting state aid and its costing 3 million a week and costin more every day is this right?

  4. […] Whilst Ted Neville of the Irish Solidarity Party in Cork South Central reckons “Mass Immigration Led To Ireland’s Crash…” […]

  5. Kev Says:

    After extensive research and investigation I can reveal that the Irish Solidarity Party consists of one man, Ted “no expenses” Neville.

    Unfortunately due to Ted “lets talk about the holocaust” Neville’s delicate mental condition there are rumors of a split in the ‘party’ even at this early stage.

  6. Phil Says:

    I sincerely hope after this election you crawl back under whatever dark dark stone you live under.People like you will drag Ireland back into an era it has tried so hard to escape from.Draconian policies and beliefs which of course you are entitiled to,no matter how moronic they may seem but try not to drag them into our political system thank you !!!

  7. S. Thompson Says:

    You all seem to think this is a rich country that can provide plenty of welfare. Ireland, in fact, is a 2nd world country that simply can’t accommodate mass immigration. It’s OK for states such as Sweden, Germany, etc. to provide this service as they are quite wealthy. We should be imitating the likes of Russia and the Ukraine in designing our immigration policy. We are not a 1st world country and we must therefore act accordingly.

  8. sean walker Says:

    s thompson you are right we are a small country with very limited means and now up to our ears in debt, but they still expect us to look after them for years, they dont care about our country and never will……… our open door policy should be reviewed and fast,,,,,,,,,, we cant keep this up, they know we are the easiest country in the eu to get into and not get deported from……….. do we want to end up like the u.k.? and france etc? are our politicos blind ?

  9. S. Thompson Says:

    Sorry to disappoint you Kev, but I ain’t Ted. Believe it or not, there are others who actually feel the same we he does. As the economic crisis deepens, more will join our ranks. Ireland will hit the wall sometime in an economic sense and multiculturalism will go right out the window.

    • Kev Says:

      “we he” Ted? Is that some sort of Freudian slip… (If this is too subtle for you let me know)

      You know all about Freud don’t you Ted…

  10. Steven Says:

    Lot’s of flimsy insults and empty rhetoric hurled by pyschologically fragile clowns against Ted’s ethical stand. Ted doesn’t “blame” immigrants at all, he blames mass immigration, a process planned by Western governments to supply their private supporters with cheaper labour. Ted should be congratulated for broaching this forbidden issue in the public domain and he should take comfort in he fact that such obvious nitwits are attacking him.

    • Kev Says:

      You like the ‘S’ names Ted is that an obsessive compulsive disorder thing or will you be moving on to name starting with ‘P’ and ‘M’ in a bit?

      Good on ya Ted, you have millions of supporters on the Internet and they’re all on this page.

      Now if only you could apply the system you’re using here to the real world on polling day, maybe then you’d get your expenses back.

  11. Steven Says:

    Ted, your only critic, Kev, is seeing spooks. For Kev Ted is EVERYWHERE!

    • Kev Says:

      Not everywhere, I don’t see him in the dail or any other sort of elected position… ever. Unless its an internet election where lone cranks like you can vote over and over again.

      I will post the result of his utter rejection by the right thinking people of Ireland here in 8 days to illustrate the point

      Catch you next week steven/sean/sthompson and whatever other names you can think up.

  12. Steven Says:

    Calm yourself kev or the nurse will restrict those internet priviledges! I don’t see him getting elected either. He’ll beat most of the indos though. Neville always does well in these elections for a single issue candidate. O.K count 1st preference bigger pack 2nd prefences. That’s the job done. He doesn’t need to get elected, he just needs to talk to people and highlight the issues. Noone cares about the Dail, lol. As for the voters they just want Fianna Fail imithe.

  13. fraz1971 Says:

    I do not see anything wrong with Ted’s message. Ireland has been a soft touch for asylum scammers. RTE even showed a program about ‘asylum’ seekers going home to Nigeria on holiday!

    Kev the Anglo-Marxist seems to be under the impression that mass immigration and a fair wage go hand in hand. The reality is that we will have a fresh influx of people coming to Ireland. SKY News said today that there are more people leaving than coming which would prevent a recovery. The plan has already been made public and it is to drive down wages to enhance conditions for export. This will effectively make us a cheap labour Chinese style economy of Europe. I suppose Commissar Kev would like that.

    In my business I would stand to gain from increased exports but, I do not want to see my fellow countrymen ground into the dirt under the weight of debt and the shackles of low pay. My pay would increase but it would not give me any joy to see an increase in poverty.

    As for the Eastern Europeans. They came to build houses and made money to build their homes in Poland. It was naieve to expect them all to buy the very houses they built. The Celtic Tiger was kept alive by the immigration and building bubble. The banks were using immigrants to overleverage mortgage backed ‘assets’ which turned out to be worthless. The banks were exposed when the building boom fell away. It is the lax regulation of the financial services industry which ruined the banks. This was facilitated by mass immigration and getting immigrants into debt. Why do you think that immigrants get so much help from taxpayers to settle in? The idea is to get them into debt ASAP and leverage their assets. YES mass immigration led to the bust.

    They did it with Irish people by trying to get them into debt by offering easy credit. They gambled with their loan agreements and mortgages on the stock markets and now the bloated assets are found to be worthless with no foundation to justify their inflated value. Add the credit default bubble which looms over these pieces of toilet paper and you really have a mess waiting to explode. The truth is that Ted’s pragmatic approach would have at least lessened the impact of the global financial mess.

    Commissar Kev is the bankers lacky. I love the left winger with their chants ‘Tax the Rich’ and ‘Tax the Bank’. The rich are very mobile and are already moving their wealth to the Yuan and Swiss Franc. The banks will pass on costs to taxpayers and effectively end up revenue collectors for government.

    The only answer is to take a few steps back and become self dependent as a nation. Mass immigration makes us less able to sustain ourselves with the resources we have. We must withdraw from the EMU and take control of our resources.

    People like Ted Neville have been correct on these issues. People like Kev have been wrong about everything including Lisbon and their only recourse is insults and generalisations. We hear the US and European governments talk about protectionism. That is what Ted stands for. Protectionism in reality means resistance to looting.

    There is nothing wrong with immigration if it is on a points system like the one they use in Australia.

    People like Kev with their dreamy communist Utopian ideals will further empoverish Irish people and create a greater resentment towards immigrants. Sure when that happens they’ll tighten free speach laws further and send more people off to the Gulags.

    What really sickens me about people of that ilk is their talk of ‘Human Rights’ as if foreign courts have any power to bestow rights which we know as men and women exist. They have no power to ration out what is right and what is wrong. Is enslaving us to banks right? Is moaning about the rights of foreigners whilst promoting abortion of Irish children under Labour right?

    Kev has his hateful, spineless and biggotted head up his ass.

    • Kev Says:

      After reviewing my few comments here I am at a loss as to how you have concluded that I

      (1) Am an Anglo -Marxist

      (2) Am a commissar

      (3) Am a Left Wing lackey

      (4) Was wrong about Lisbon

      (5) Have dreamy communist Utopian ideals

      (5) Am of an ilk that talks of human rights

      (6) Am Hateful

      (7) Am Spineless

      (8) Am bigoted

      (9) Have my head up my ass

      Perhaps you would like to enlighten me as to how you have came to these nine false conclusions or perhaps your beliefs are based on your hormones, instincts and emotions rather than logical thought or evidence.

      I think it is fair to say that if you can those conclusions about me then the other points in your bragging self indulgent post have the same amount of thought and wisdom put into them.

      • fraz1971 Says:

        Hi Kev/Betamaxlives

        Why did you even bother with that? What was the point of it? Can you not understand my arguments?

        The comment wasn’t centered around you. I am done with you now.

      • Ken Says:

        I am sorry Fraz, perhaps the bullet points followed by the point I was trying to make was too complicated for you. Let me simplify it further for you.

        (a) You have posted a whole shit load of stuff about me that you just made up on the spot to fit into your own imaginary world view.

        (b) I can conclude that you are prone to making stuff up to fit into your imaginary world view.

        (c) I can further conclude that much of the stuff you have posted that is not about me is also made up to fit into your imaginary world view.

        To summarise the point, most people use the evidence available to them to form their opinion. You however create or twist evidence to fit the opinion that you already hold for whatever reason.

        I am not betamaxlives and have only commented on this using my own forename. I assure you I am Kev and only Kev and will be happy to email to webmaster to clarify this for you if you wish to press the matter.

        Please fell free to reply if you need further simplification or if you lack the intellectual capacity to see why this is a bad thing.

      • BetamaxLives Says:

        What he said…

  14. Clark Winstone Says:

    I’m asamed to admit that I was once a SWP member and once supported the notice of workers of the World unite while the boom was at it’s infant stage, yes I atended many anti-racism demo’s and opposed with all my anger anybody who didn’t believe that every man ( or Women ) in the World has the right to be Irish,, fast forward to 2008 though and seeing myself and my brethren old and new, from Peter, Vozscov, Mary, Piotr and Asif we were all now ourselves struggling for work and it wasn’t fair that us genuine hard workers that slaved every spare hour going in Mc Donalds were now being left on the Dole heap to “new” Irish who didn’t even believe in Marxism, that was when I knew something had to give, enough was enough.

  15. v Says:

    Thank you Irish brothers!
    I’m here for 9 years. I designed homes during the construction boom. Like many architects, masons and plasterers, I was out of work.
    I love Ireland, has become my home of choice!
    I have been. And like many of you, I’m trying my business. I pay taxes, I shopping in Irish shops. Although I was born on the mainland, I’m one of you! I drink Guinness, listen to Irish music in Irish pubs, and I know, because I feel it in my heart, that Ireland is the only one!
    But for Ted – I’m just unnecessary junk…

    • Steven Says:

      Playing along with kev’s invention for the moment, I think we’ve got our country to build and you have yours. That’s a real positive thing. Every country needs their natives. Everyone’s welcome for a visit of course but we really have to knuckle down and address our own problems without outsourcing them for non-nationals to solve for us.

  16. Liam Says:

    The problem is very few Irish have a clue what went on. My Polish girlfriend has such a strong moral conscience that she even asked me to warn the authorities about bogus child welfare here from fellow Poles. It was easy to get a fake Polish birth certificate (who in the Social Welfare would have a clue what a real one looks like?) and get child benefit. You can even get a loan of a baby for the day they visited. It was absolutely inspired 🙂
    Also my Russian friend got a PPS number with tax credits on it (from an ethnic Russian in Latvia who returned home, sold the card to Eastern European shop). It was hilarious how most of these shops had major black market links but you’d never know unless you spoke the language.
    I recently emigrated to Poland, and was stopped at the border because my Irish passport looked fake (ok, it is a bit worn after 8 years). An Irish person being stopped going into Poland :)) hilarious (I did finally get let in by the way, but just shows how some properly protect their borders)

  17. Vic Dan Says:

    I have just received Ted’s leaflet with my name on it. Well, I’m an immigrant and my surname is not Irish. Why did Ted send me his leaflet? What does he expect? My vote? He says 80, 000 of non-Irish are drawing the dole, which according to Ted is 50% of welfare budget… Yes, many came, but also, many left. Ted does not say those numbers. I guess, that immigrants are easy to blame, because we are right here, on the street and all the robbers are unreachable. Ted looks like undercover FF, whose aim is to divert people’s anger.
    If you are going to deport all Non-Irish, where would you draw a line? How do you define Non-Irish? Those who have no Irish passport? Or those who have Irish and English/German passport? Maybe, before defining me, define yourself Ted. What sort of an Irish you are? Or is it too difficult? Let me know, because I have a definition for you.

    • Miss Says:

      Clearly Vic, this leaflet was not only sent to you, it was sent to everyone in the Cork South Central Constituency. The fact that there were even more immigrants here previously surely only highlights the ineffective immigration control this country has.

      Why if you are a contributing inhabitant of Ireland, working, paying taxes, contributing to the community would you not consider voting for Neville? Surely there is room in this country for genuine immigrants? To have better immigration control would reduce the drain on our welfare system and improve Ireland’s chronic financial situation.

      I think this issue has nothing to do with racism or anti-immigration, it is about having better control over our borders like every other country has.

    • Steven Says:

      Because he doesn’t mind immigration but doesn’t accept mass immigration? See, simple if you engage da brain.

  18. Eric Says:

    Could not agree with Ted Neville more.
    We need very tight immigration controls from here on in. By implementing tighter controls we are ensuring that our fellow europeans as well as the irish workers will have a chance of making some kind of life for themselves without been taxed to the hilt to support asylum seekers etc who show up in ireland with their hand out. I dont think people know just how bad things are going to get over the next 2 years. I hear people say tax the rich but the rich have already decamped to warmer places with better prospects for their money. So that leaves just the workers who are working here to pay the running costs of the country as well as the recapitalisation of the banks. Racism No. Forward thinking Yes

  19. Kev Says:

    Well thats some imagination you have there Ted.

    The guy claiming that there are thousands of Poles turning up at social welfare offices with fake birth certs and yet the staff in the social welfare office don’t know what a Polish birth cert looks like in spite of being presented with thousands of them.

    The happy foreigner that you claimed as me.

    The confused immigrant who wonders why Ted sent him some literature… election literature mailing lists are created from the register of electors you don’t find a lot of immigrants on that list because they’re not allowed to vote in the national elections.

    Followed swiftly by a female who choses only to identify herself by her gender and marital status to explain what a straight up guy Ted is.

    And so many more.

    If you must create a virtual village of identities to defend Ted’s idiotic claim that “Immigration led to Ireland’s crash” at least try to make them plausible and if you could get someone to help you with disguising your low to mid 80’s IQ it might help.

    You do realise that if you turn up at the polling station on Friday with a box of wigs, dresses and uniforms and start pretending to be a large inbreed looking family from the darkest regions of Cork South Central they WILL arrest you.

    Stay safe crazy boy, I don’t want to be visiting you in a mental institution.

    • Steven Says:

      Kev’s back seeing Ted in cloud formations. He not only sees Ted in cloud formations Ted also speaks to him too.

      • Steven Says:

        Time for the meds kev!

      • Kev Says:

        Maybe you’ll feel better after you’ve taken them Ted. (below)

      • Steven Says:

        Kevs (above) whole existence is like one long psychedelic experience of Ted Neville. He walks down the street and Ted’s face appears EVERYWHERE. When his mam wakes Kev up for school his head sees Ted peeking around the door at him. Ted’s stuck in Kevs head and just won’t go away. Ted’s real lucky only to have space cadets like you opposing him. You couldn’t buy better opponents you really couldn’t.

  20. Miss Says:

    “Stay safe crazy boy, I don’t want to be visiting you in a mental institution.”

    Be careful Kev, if you visit one you might not be allowed out. What a strange person you are…

  21. fraz1971 Says:

    @Betamaxlives. If you are worried about the grown up stuff then reply to my comment on the economy. Name calling is not very grown up.

    Come over to if you want an education in economics, history and geopolitics. You may learn something about why the crash happened.

  22. fraz1971 Says:

    “Non-EU nationals make up 3.5% of the population yet
    account for 3.2% of the live register.”

    If you don’t have the intelligence to know that the live register is made up of those on the dole the stop making a total idiot of yourself.

    Yes they are high on the live register. I agree and so does Ted.

  23. Kev Says:

    Well Ted, only 516 votes, down 288 from your last failure. Thats a 34% drop in support for those of you who cant do the math. At this rate if you run twice more you’ll only get the one vote (your own).

    It looks like the mental health of the people of Cork South Central has improved over the last 4 years.

    Your supporter of course will try to claim this as a win or a mandate but its not, its another stunning rejection and a greater rejection than the last one.

    Maybe you should have quit when you were behind like the rest of your ICP cohorts.

    Its things like this that make me proud to be Irish.

  24. Steven Says:

    It’s a fine result. Single issue made harder with an increased number of independents in a constituency in which MM topped the poll. Well done Ted. Plenty to be optimistic about the future.

  25. Steven Says:

    Yes. It’s an excellent result anyway you look at it.

  26. Steven Says:

    I’m glad you’ve come around to our way of thinking, kev. It’s onwards and upwards for Ted Neville.

    • BetamaxLives Says:

      Hmmm… by my reckoning that puts him down 300 or so votes since last time out.

      Hardly headway is it?

    • BetamaxLives Says:

      Oops… just noticed you’ve already been chatting about this.

      Nice come back Stevo – “plenty to be optimistic about”… like that a lot.

      Well. he’ll have plenty of time to by tinkering with his Morris Minor. Next time it’ll just sail through the NCT

      • Steven Says:

        You seem a little bit bitter ‘Betamaxo’. Ted did well. A fatter pack of independents this time around, a single issue and in Martin’s constuency won’t mean a sexy number of 1st preferences so the figure he got was an excellent one. You really know this of course. Then there is Cavan Monaghan where ELECTED Councillor Seamus Treanor who campaigned on issues such as immigration control has come in as FIRST independent even beating the likes of The Green rep and high profile candidate John McGuirk. He didn’t get elected but that was an amazing result. Can’t you spare a little bit of good will for their efforts? Young kev’s only at school and yet he managed to open his heart. Plenty to celebrate!

  27. Bernie Says:

    “…even beating the likes of the Green Rep…”

    Have you been following the election at all? My granny could beat our local Green candidate and she’s dead 20 years. Get over yourself boy.

    And I’ve seen Bunch of pig-ignorant fascists (half of them seem to be Americans) all feeling each other up while saying “Anglo-Marxism” a lot. Does Anglo-Marxism actually mean anything or do ye just like hyphens?

  28. Steven Says:

    Anglo-Marxists? Bernie do I sense a little bit of bitterness in your remarks? Why the sour grapes. Come join the fun and have a drink to Ted, Seamus, Mick Wallace and Boyd Barrett desrves one too. Yessss.

  29. BetamaxLives Says:

    To be fair, beating a Green and the Libertas spin doctor hardly required a great deal of effort.

    Having said that his policies seem fine… no foaming about genetics… no posting creepy, poorly edited videos of black people having the audacity to be in Dublin on St Patrick’s day… no hysterical scapegoating about how immigrants are the “reason” that our economy has failed. The guy’s got a point of view. Good luck to him.That’s what democracy is all about (though you don’t appear to believe in democracy) (qv Democracy – “good luck with that”)

    But no… I’m afraid Ted the Nutter cannot be seen to have had anything approaching an “onwards and upwards” evening. Not polling 300 votes less than last time. (and I’d have thought that being in Micheál Martin’s constituency would have been an advantage to a no-holds-barred-tell-it-like-it-is champion of the people like Ted)

    Sorry kiddo…

  30. Ted Says:

    RIGHT. I’ll get me coat.

  31. JayMan Says:

    We need people to stand up and at least debate the issue..its likely as more regimes fall in the middle east we will get an influx of North African and middle east muslim…we have so far certainly nothing on the scale of the UK,France and the Nordic countries. These arabs want their freedom and that means freedom to move illegally to Europe..the far -right is on the rise in Europe and certain countries will refuse to take any more muslims..If we dont have a voice on this issue we could be a dumping ground for european immigration…espically with our over-generous welfare systems..
    I would certainly vote for Ted to have at least one politician in power to keep this topic alive in the coming years.Nobody cared what was happening in the times are different and I can see a need for a re-introduction of the ICP.

  32. sean walker Says:

    you are right we have a small country and too many nigerians etc looking to leach from our system, how can it be stopped? is it too late? these people have little regard for ireland or its people its time we woke up,,,,, and had some real debate it seems most is one way in favour of illegals most irish people i know dont want them here… whats to be done?

  33. sean walker Says:

    well? any one want to start a new party? and pressure the politicians? or any ideas?

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