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Flyer from Enda Kenny -Fine Gael- 2011 General Election Mayo February 8, 2011

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First off many thanks to the sender. A 2011 General Election flyer from Fine Gael Leader Enda Kenny.
He urges “the people of Mayo” “to grasp the unique opportunity facing them to elect four Fine Gael deputies to lead Ireland’s renewal in the next Government.


One Response to “Flyer from Enda Kenny -Fine Gael- 2011 General Election Mayo”

  1. Stick with the substance Enda …never mind the spin doctors and pundits… they have their own agenda. Vincent Browne is a pig! You did right telling him where to ‘get off’. After all, why should Micheal Martin appear as a ‘major’ party leader when those FF….ing has-beens command no more than 15% of the popular vote. Sinn Fein, ULA and the ‘remainder’ have just as much support! If major parties are to be invited to debate then FG and Labour are the ONLY two valid parties to be represented.

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