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Flyer for Ivan Connaughton -Fianna Fail-Roscommon South Leitrim-2011 General Election February 6, 2011

From the 2011 General Election a flyer for Fianna Fail candidate Ivan Connaughton running in Roscommon South Leitrim.
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35 Responses to “Flyer for Ivan Connaughton -Fianna Fail-Roscommon South Leitrim-2011 General Election”

  1. john Says:


    your are wasting your time going for election, we dont want another michael finneran in Roscommon or a new FF man. Your party stands for robbery. Your an auctioneer like all auctioneers who contributed to the recession by driving up the prices of houses for your own commission. If I see you near my houses I will run you. Luke Flanagan is the man

    • Tom Says:

      I agree with you totally John. Its about time we got rid of these thieves.
      When will people learn that just because their parents voted FF that they have to follow ? An auctioneer as a candidate, what a laugh !!!

  2. Tom Says:

    ya John I have to agree with you. I dont buy the Finna Fail party. Mr Finneran was probably one of the worst TD’s in the history of Ireland who made very little contribution. Auctioneers I agree made there contribution to the recession by driving the prices of the property market through the roof for there own comission so on this count Ivan fits the Finna Fail gangsterism. We have a recission because of: FF, the banks, auctioneers and the corrupt planning authorities in Ireland and every one of them contributed to our recession and now Ivan the auctioneer is gonna fix it!!!!! I dont think so

  3. Gerry Says:

    It was a total disgrace the way Ivan was canvasing on the gates of Derrane church last week, This did not go down very well with the majority of the people going to mass which I personally thought myself was very foward and checky. There is a time and a place for that and on the church gates is noways acceptable by any means.

  4. d Says:

    im 13 and even i can see fianna fail has put the country in ruins 😩

  5. L Says:

    have to agree with you peter and what about the famous ray burke? the jail bird and I wont mention the two charlies!!! ff most corrupt party in the history of this country but we will after this election see the backs of them. I really this ivan should wake up and open his eyes or is it just a game. Ivan WE DONT WANT YOU OR FF EVER AGAIN

  6. philip Says:

    Did you all see Ivans 6 priorities? these are mainlt the areas that ff screwed our country and leading to where we are now and Ivan is going to fix the lot!!!!!!!! Ivan you must think the people are totally stupid but who ever drafted your 6 point plan for you had alot of neck

  7. aidan Says:

    the flyer is typical of ff, lies, lies and more lies six priorities? are these not the areas where ff shafted the country? and many more areas, but there is an old saying ” paper never refused ink” and on this case if for sure didnt, dont buy it nor Ivan, Id say hes a bluffer just like all the FFs

  8. Steven Says:

    An auctioneer? They’ve some neck these people. It’s like FiannaFailFineGaelAndSomeOfTheOtherMainParties all go to the same scriptwriters and to the same PR people. It’s all meging into one long blur at this point.

  9. aidan Says:

    ya streven totally agree there, auctioneers have to be the greatest bluffers in the country as with ff so is it any wonder ivan is running for election, sure he fits the bill but the truth of the matter is he hasnt got a prayer in hell

  10. john Says:

    Its coming near the big day and this man is totally wasting his time, let him stick to screwing people with the prices of houses, hes quite good at that like all auctioneers, the bluffers of the nation and know nothing about nothing

  11. mary Says:

    Good luck, Ivan, It takes a very brave young man like you to set up an auctioneering business in a recession……everyone does’nt know this fact! This is the sort of courage we need in this country….also not afraid to stand for FF.
    Ivan is Ivan, he is not his brothers keeper! He is himself, he is not anyone else, he is only responsible for himself and cannot be blamed for the mistakes of others…. who have finally resigned. There is a good FF team now ….new,young and clean…ready to mop up the mistakes made by others, and make a fresh start. Good Luck Ivan!

    • Tom Says:

      Mary, Connaughton is a FF candidate. They have screwed our country.
      This party has:
      made 1000 of our young people leave every week.
      made the HSE a total nightmare for patients and staff, people dying before getting treatment. They are a corrupt bunch and have been in power for far too long. You want to give them another chance? You must be barkling mad

    • Steven Says:

      “Whatever else is unsure in this stinking dunghill of a world, a mother’s love is not.”

      James Joyce

  12. john Says:

    Mary, you are talking rubbish, its obvious your a ff women, but I am afraid you are in the minority there, the election will show what everyone thinks of ff including ivan, ff men declared a civil war in this country in 1922 when the great Dev sent Michael Collins to sign a treaty and do the best he could and that he did, then when he came back Dev declared civil war turning brother against brother and then he plotted the great Michael Collins assination. Mr Dev then went on to find the corrupt ff and then become president. I think Mary you should take a history lesson before you post stupid comments like that. Anyone who stands for ff is a trator to our National Flag. The most corrupt part in the history of the republic. So Mary get real

  13. Rob Says:

    Mary must be Ivans mother the way she talks about him!! as John says read your history and stop been such a die hard ff woman because your in the minority. We dont want a new apprentice fraudster and it wont make any odds because Ivan will be back on monday working as an auctioneer, him to be elected!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha, joke of the year

    • mary Says:

      Hi, Actually I am not a relation of Ivan Connaughton. Did you know that Everyone did ‘gap’ years around the world up to recently?…and had no problem leaving home?….now its called emigration…..a new name. My family have been unable to get jobs here after their education, but have had to go abroad….so what,.. thats life! Our country is too small and cannot possibly absorb such huge numbers of highly educated and highly skilled people into the labour force. Do your sums.
      The Banks fooled everyone including all the politicians. People built mansions etc.,way beyond their means, (maxed credit cards, weekends abroad, New York shopping trips etc.etc.)…..and want to blame anyone except themselves. No one forced them!! We could have all done the same, people would want to grow up and be responsible for their actions and not blame FF for all their problems. Noone was forced to live as if they were in Hollywood…..they all wanted to live like the celebrities……someone has to pay! Aren’t you all very lucky to blame FF for everything. I am sure you all would have done a better job running the country…..
      By the way John this is 2011…did you know?….actually the civil war is long over…….my greatgrandfather was also assassinated whilst walking home from mass with his 10 year old daughter in 1921….my family are Christians and have long forgiven the people involved…..we do not seek revenge nor blame anyone …that was then…this is now! No more looking back ..that is negative, we need to positively look forward. We need to know where the real enemy is and not continue to destroy our nation with the old weakness of disunity and fighting amongst ourselves. We need to be united as a nation and help one another to be able to hold up our heads and be proud to be Irish.
      I refuse to criticise any candidate….they all have should have a fair chance. I wish them all the best of luck tomorrow.

      • Steven Says:

        The Irish people are responsible for the situation. That’s why they did the first part of their duty. They crushed FF. I don’t know if this new lot will do any better (I doubt it) but at least the Irish people are starting to wake up. We’re the electorate we’re expected to criticise. That’s our job. We don’t need to stand to criticise, lol

  14. mary Says:

    ps.Tom… HSE…. do your sums…..think……dont believe everything you hear……the HSE is a beauracracy…run by a beauracrats….and.needs to be cleaned and weeded out…Michael Martin tried to sort out the HSE but Mary Harney and the PDs needed the Health Ministry for their own agenda…and thats another story! Our Health system is top-heavy with administraters(,file-carrying officials etc.) and less with doctors …..the unions have it all sewn up ….they strike if anyone tries to sort them out!!!!
    Do you know who is funding the Labour Party? The truth is ….. everyone is, who pays a union sub……every union member….teachers, doctors,nurses,etc in fact every member of every union in this country has a percentage of their union sub given…to the Labour Party…..without their permission or knowledge……Transparency? my foot! They have got away with this for too long…….those holier than thou, labour party members! These are the people who criricise donations from big business?

  15. kim Says:

    i totally agree with you mary as a young home owner myself why blame FF for everything no one asked people to get mortgages for 300 and 400 thousand and have trips to new york for you christmas shopping, a new car and new wardrobe every year, people were living way beyond there means.. I believe if FG or Labour get into power people will eat there words beacuse they are going to raise taxes ie. water, housing to 1% of the value and loads more to come and blame it all on FF and get away with it, it happened in England,,,,, BETTER THE EVIL U NO and all that, me and my family will be firmly voting for ivan….. good luck 🙂

  16. ted Says:

    mary your a total twat who hasnt a bulls clue what your talking about, Ivan prpbably got the money from ff the thieves who destroyed the country and please read your history for the last time before you keep making a fool of yourself on this page, if ivan gets elected I am going on hunger strike but thank god it wont come to that

  17. ted Says:

    kim and mother mary get lost we hate ff anf both you are quite stupid who know nothing about nothing to post such stupid comments, the majority of ff men should be in jail for what they done and dont get me started

  18. john Says:

    mary your not a relation of ivan??????? ha ha ha ha, well you must be canvassing very hard for the usless idiot, but it wont make the slighest odds because he a gonner and kim stop putting complete rubbish up nobody agrees with either you or mother mary as the comments abouve show, your the onlt two stupid die hards

  19. john Says:

    mart + kim = corrupt ff, why dont you two die hards respond to any of the above raised issues????? because you both are full of it, auctioneer going for election??? ha ha ha ha

  20. jim Says:

    mary and kim you are two complete idiots who havent a clue, ivan is guna fix everything??????? he would screw everything like all the corrupt tossers in ff, get real you two poor innocent individuals

  21. jim Says:

    as what was said above take history both mary and kim and stop making fools of yourselves

  22. andy Says:

    mary & kim your are two total assholes who are coming across quite stupid and ignorant and dont have a bulls clue of politices. You sound like people who never recieved any form of basic education.

  23. andy Says:

    mary you criticise the labour party? ff are the party who turned brother against brother causing death in the civil war 1922 you complete prick. Get a history education ya dumbo

  24. John Says:

    sorry for your troubles mary and kim, ivan is out of the race which was never going to be rocket science!!!!!!!! Luke Ming has it, hes the real deal, come on the Ming. Its back to the office for ivan to comtinue trying to screw people with house prices

  25. gerry Says:

    sorry for your troubles ivan! (NOT) mary and kim you both come across like two completely stupid people who havent got a clue, Id say one of you is his mother and the other a sister or girlfriend because you are the only two idiots who would put up such crap on this page

  26. gerry Says:

    mary & kim you criticise labour, FG and PD’s (who no longer exist), who said we support any of those parties? including robbing FF.

  27. eamon Says:

    the people of ros and south leitrim spoke and no ff canidate was wanted, so to kim and mary you havent a foot to stand on talking total rubbish that is pointless. Best of luck to the Ming as he just walked it.

  28. tony Says:

    best of luck to Luke Ming Flanagan our hero from Ros

  29. Steven Says:

    Ivor should sit back, relax and have some weed. Ming’s da man now.

  30. mick Says:

    ha ha ha ivan ya tosser, the joke of ros, ming is fairly laughing at you now ya gangster

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