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Flyer from Shane Ross -Independent- Dublin South 2011 General Election February 5, 2011

From the 2011 General Election a flyer for Independent candidate Shane Ross who is running in Dublin South. Ross is expected to be elected easily.
many thanks to the sender.


6 Responses to “Flyer from Shane Ross -Independent- Dublin South 2011 General Election”

  1. Brian Says:

    What a spoofer and a hypocrite – his “15-year record of challengine bankers” includes cheerleading Anglo Irish and Seanie Fitz, and hoping everyone forgets. As Miriam Lord reported in the Irish Times last month, in 2004 he urged Bank of Ireland to appoint Seanie as their new Chairman, but reckoned they wouldnt because he was “too dynamic”! Was he challenging bankers when he was enjoying Michael Fingleton’s hospitality in the Irish Nationwide box, as his mate Eamonn Dunphy revealed? How this spoofer doesn’t get challenged is beyond me.

  2. Serial Complainer Says:

    Hypocrite indeed. He launches his ‘anti-cronyism’ campaign on the TV show of his crony, Brendan O’Connor from the SIndo. He claims to have spent 15 years challenging bankers, but he has conveniently forgotten about the years he spent supporting Michael Fingleton of Irish Nationwide against those who tried to end Fingleton’s abuses years ago? Shane’s support for Fingleton is still available on the Indo website, see

  3. Having read Shane Ross’s excellent book on this issue I suspect the above two comments are not quite 100% true so I’m inviting (1) Shane Ross to respond to these accusations and (2) Brian & Serial Complainer to be more specific in their criticisms and (2a) to state any vested interests they might have in this issue, eg shareholders? …members of FF? Bankers? …etc
    As of now I am still a supporter of Shane Ross but I have an open mind and will listen to arguments pro and con.

    • Serial Complainer Says:

      I’m delighted to hear that you’re inviting Shane Ross to respond. I really look forward to hearing his response. I’m a bit surprised at your suggestion that my comment is not 100% true. It is a matter of fact that Ross launched his campaign on the RTE show of his SIndo buddy Brendan O’Connor. It is a matter of fact (as confirmed by the article still available on the SIndo website) that Ross supported Fingleton. Ross said “Fingleton delivers on the only thing the matters: profit”. Ross couldn’t see beyond the dollar signs to understand the risk involved, which has resulted in an €8 billion bill for the Irish State. Why don’t you ask Shane Ross to declare what borrowings he had from Irish Nationwide over the years?

  4. Banking goes bonkers Says:

    Liam, reading a book by Shane Ross is obviously going to have you doubt the two very valid, and fact-supported comments above. I’m quite sick of Shane Ross, and although he may be a nice man, he stands for absolutely everything when it suits him, and therefore nothing long term.
    He was, absolutely, a supporter of the banks and got everything wrong when it was ok because nobody with vested interest in the banks saw what was coming down the road-or at least didn’t stop to think about the inevitable downturn.
    He has no policies in place other than saying what might sound good to people-ie. no plan of action, and when it comes to the banking crisis-it’s banking REFORM we need over here, not temporary fixes, like his Debt-for-Equity stance. I’ll also add, that McWilliams came up with that as a solution to the bondholders problem, and Ross just uses it in his campaign. He has lots of posters up, writes sub-par articles for the Independent, and thinks that because he has a big profile and public platform that will be enough for the voters to go on. It’s simply not good enough, and he’s really not even a step up from the politicians we have seen. I hope Peter Mathews takes that seat in Dublin South, and Sommerville in Dublin south East-they are two men I WANT to see get in. Ross is man of great hindsight and no vision.
    Also, Liam, read his article on how BoSI entering Ireland could push the banks into competition with each other and how it’s great for the Irish people(this train of thought is ignorant and quite absurd-banks can’t sustain competitive markets the same way other industries do). This was of course written and published in the good years. Captain Hindsight strikes again!

  5. […] go off to the ‘Celebrity’ type candidates with flyers from  Mick Wallace in Wexford , Shane Ross in Dublin South and Paul Sommerville in Dublin South […]

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