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“Tomás” -A Tribute to Tomás Mac Giolla February 3, 2011

A lovely pamphlet produced by the Workers Party entitled “Tomás” – Tribute to Tomás Mac Giolla .

After a lifetimes involvement , Tomás Mac Giolla passed away on the 4th February 2010.
I’ve some of his election leaflets posted Here, Here and Here.


5 Responses to ““Tomás” -A Tribute to Tomás Mac Giolla”

  1. A decent man. So few of them around now. Most of them in it for themselves and their cronies. Tomas was a selfless hardworking man of the people. May he rest in peace.

  2. Andrew Says:

    He’s much missed in these times. Incorruptible to the last -and few measure up to him in that sphere.

  3. Ghandi Says:

    Social Evening to Commemorate Tomas Mac Giolla
    On Friday 4th. February in Ruby Finnegan’s, Ballyfermot.
    Starting 8.30.p.m.
    Music by The Beer Mats
    As all the candidates are expected to attend this event lets celebrate Tomas’s legacy with an Election Rally.

    Also on Friday 4th. A wreath laying ceremony will take place at Tomas’s grave. Organised by Sean Boland and Ballyfermot Cumann.
    Meet in the car-park of Palmerstown Cemetery at 2.p.m

  4. Feardorcha Says:

    “There is of course freedom of the press in Ireland, if you own a press.” – Tomás Mac Giolla, 1988.
    Brilliant! Says it all.

  5. james Says:

    if we only listened to him,

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