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Leaflet for Trevor O Clochartaigh- Sinn Fein-Galway West-2011 General Election February 2, 2011

From the 2011 General Election, a leaflet for Sinn Fein candidate Trevor Ó Clochartaigh running in Galway West. Ó Clochartaigh had previously stood for Labour in the 2004 Local Elections.
Many thanks to the sender


2 Responses to “Leaflet for Trevor O Clochartaigh- Sinn Fein-Galway West-2011 General Election”

  1. James Butler Says:

    Very Good,Treavor
    I could not get your e-mail address

    I have a small problem, some time back the boys were seemingly motivated from Salthill area to Dead man’s Army beach Renmore and it seems the night was cold and they burned my hut that Paul O Reilly built for me when I was clearing up the stones on the beach

    I then started to make myself a shelter funny I call it my home by the sea and it is a space cut into the blackthorn hedge and I put sand to form a floor and another lad put dust bags for a roof but he’d never make a roofer for he didn’t have any laps on the bags, however the Good lord will put a roof of leaves on it for the summer
    This is the critical part. One evening I was swimming on the beach after the general election. I spotted this white poster and I thought this will do me for a mat in my home by the sea as I call it. Now I dragged the six feet by say three feet poster up in the cold to my hut. I gave a quick look at the image on it and the name I couldn’t pronounce and I didn’t bother any more, I put the poster down for a nice mat where I change my clothes in the showery weather etc and one day I seen Sin on it and I wondered what this poster was all about and then I gave a close look at the writing on the side and seen it was Sinn Fein

    That happened after the general Election. Now my mind was jogged yesterday when I heard that you were elected to the Senate (GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR NEW JOB) and today when I was at my home by the sea I seen that some one had Resurected the poster and placed it face up on a very badly damaged chair which has no seat.
    I looked at the picture now knowing fully that it was you and I thought this man has been resurected and I cannot with the unwritten laws of the land put his poster down as a mat except he gives me permission to do so, considering that you have been supported by say eighty or more votes and those people may be TDs and they were supported by thousands of voters so it would be a bit like dropping the national flag on the ground
    so that’s my problem. I will not use your poster except you e-mail me or phone me at 091 756212 that it is ok to use it as a mat
    I had a Poster of Enda Kenny the Taoiseach that I fixed on the fence on my way home from the sea for a long time and at bonefire time the boys took the cunning eye and placed it on the top of the bone fire facing the attlantic ocean and my pretty boy’s picture was gone,
    I’m doing research in to reflexes of the brain that causes functional disease and often I share my writings.
    Good luck again I hope this goes off for you to read
    yours sincerely
    James Butler Architectural Surveyor partly retired
    6 Renmore Crescent
    Galway aged near 77years
    They say the Lord works in wonderful ways if one believes

  2. […] I'd be wary of Trev if I were you, Dave – his election literature descriibes him as a "Man of Action" – and God only knows what that means! Furthermore, […]

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