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Leaflet for Conor Mac Liam -Socialist Party(United Left Alliance)-Carlow Kilkenny- 2011 General Election January 31, 2011

A leaflet from Conor MacLiam the Socialist Party(United Left Alliance) candidate in Carlow Kilkenny in the 2011 General Election. MacLiam, the husband of the late Susie Long could poll well.


9 Responses to “Leaflet for Conor Mac Liam -Socialist Party(United Left Alliance)-Carlow Kilkenny- 2011 General Election”

  1. Makes a lot of sense… but I cannot vote for you because I’m a committed pacifist and so cannot. Maybe if I live long enough I vote for Sinn Fein after 2025, ie after a sufficient period has passed since the IRA atrocities. In the meantime I’ll have to settle for Labour and The Greens. Sorry.

  2. Budapestkick Says:

    You are aware of course that Conor MacLiam is a member of the Socialist Party, not Sinn Féin?

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  4. Gilliane Says:

    This fella Conor MacLiam is unashamedly cashing in on the memory of his dear departed wife tio get himself elected, for shame!

  5. Mick Ahern Says:

    This election is about more than the death of Susie Long. However I can understand how a preventable tragedy can lead to political activism.
    As a socialist who lives in Carlow-Kilkenny I will be giving my first preference vote to the Socialist Party (ULA).
    Repudiate the Debt!

  6. Gilliane Says:

    Conor MacLiam needs to go for help and counselling in his undoubted grief, not for election !

  7. Mick Ahern Says:

    There are some who might see Cathal Mac Liam as using private grief for political advantage. I don’t think that this is the case here. Mac Liam’s experience gives him a greater personal insight than others who may lack this trip to the coalface of Irish inequality and naked class war.
    I do think that his comrades in The Socialist Party could have advised him better. I can’t imagine Clare Daly, Mick Murphy or Joe Higgins relegating the main political issues in such a manner.
    Repudiate the Debt!

  8. Steven Says:

    I see no problem that he talked about his wife. People who vote for him on that basis will be cancelled out by the people who would be put off for voting for him as he mentioned his late wife! He seems like a good guy and looking at the rest of the candidates in there maybe he’s the best one.

  9. Mick Ahern Says:

    Steven is bang on. Looking at all of the candidates he is the only one for any self-respecting socialist!

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