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Vote John Hyland -“Independent ‘Write In’ National Candidate” -2011 General Election January 28, 2011

A poster for John Hyland the “Independent ‘Write In’ National Candidate” for the forthcoming 2011 General Election.
John is hoping people write his name at the top of ballot papers all over the country.
His website


2 Responses to “Vote John Hyland -“Independent ‘Write In’ National Candidate” -2011 General Election”

  1. seano Says:

    An utter mess. Shoddy photography. Cluttered amateurish copy. A losing effort.

    • John Hyland Says:

      Thanks for your comments Seano. Actualy the graphics (and website etc) were all done by myself. It is the content, the thoughts and intentions, the ideas in the manifesto that mean something. If you judge and cast your vote on appearances then please vote for the same slick political machines who have turned this country into (to quote you) “An utter mess. A losing effort”.
      I don’t expect everybody to like my views or ideas, but they are from the heart. Did you even read the manifesto? The dual currency proposal I have put forth is like nothing on the table and nothing really done before. I believe it can work. If implemented it would wipe out our need for borrowing and bond markets, wipe out our need for IMF intervention ( and loss of sovereignty, having 30 years or more of IMF dictating our policies). Wipe out the need for further cuts, wage drops, drop losses.
      This concept I have proposed is something that well-respected economist Constantin Gurdgiev has deemed deserving of further investigation and consideration.
      Surely Seano, thats much more important than slick presentation.
      I am just one ordinary working man, trying to do whats right.
      When I see judgement based soley on appearances or slick selling qualities it worries me for the future of this country.

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