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Vote No 1 Dr John Hillery -Fianna Fail -Clare -2011 General Election January 26, 2011

Many thanks to the sender. A leaflet from Dr John Hillery running for Fianna Fail in Clare in the 2011 General Election. Hillery is a son of former president Patrick Hillery and also a cousin of former TD and senator Brian Hillery. (apologies for the size of the text)


4 Responses to “Vote No 1 Dr John Hillery -Fianna Fail -Clare -2011 General Election”

  1. I think the father would have hung his head in shame after his FF cronies had wrecked the country, but not this guy.Even though he outlines all the reasons why FF has failed he is still running for that despicable party. He doesn’t even have the shame so many of his running mates have who reduced the FF logo to ‘almost invisible’. Oh no. He has the hated FF logo up there in bright lights! Do these guys think we’re complete FF…ing eejits or what? Or is the poster aimed as FF…ing crooks and the FF…ing insider-elite (and wannabes). I’m voting for a decent party this time: Labour.

  2. john lee Says:

    I’ll vote for him, and he is right to run for Fianna Fail, they need to reclaim the party, I think he could be good.

  3. monica O'Connor Says:

    good man he ll create the fianna fail that he once graced our nation with pride

  4. george kennedy Says:

    the latest from Martin and the attack on Sinn fein – fainna fail are a terrorist group who are in the pocket of Bankers, the nerve of him to point a finger at anyone,

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