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Ad for Phil Prendergast -Labour -Tipperary South January 26, 2011

Firstly many thanks to the sender. An ad for Labour candidate Phil Prendergast running in South Tipperary. Clonmel based Prendergast is tipped by many for a seat and has been active in the campaign to save Clonmel Hospital.


3 Responses to “Ad for Phil Prendergast -Labour -Tipperary South”

  1. mike Says:

    dont make me laugh. the hospital staff recently ran her out of the hospital when she had the neck to show up to her former work place for first time in years. Gilmore nearly got thumped. She’s a gombeen of the highest order.. just in it for the money. One of the worst attendence records on the senate.

  2. Best of luck Phil. Why not ask for 2nd preferences to go to Mattie McGrath and vice versa. He’s the only decent FF TD (now ex FF of course). He’d be a great asset to South Tipp as you will yourself, no doubt.
    I’m a labour supporter to the hilt but feel Mattie is a decent colleague and would make a great ally too.

  3. Stephanie Says:

    Phil has blocked friends of mine from her political Facebook page because they asked questions about the Labour Policies – questions that she did not like. She was also queries by others about her expenses and they were meted out similar punishment by being blocked. This is surely not the behaviour of a politician ? It was more like the behaviour of a sulky teenager ! She is now to be our MEP because South Tipperary did not want her to be their representative in the Dail – so yet again, she gets into a position on someone else’s coat tails !
    Phil will only entertain people and be mannerly to those who pat her on back but to anyone else, she is unkind and unfair. She has not got the traits one would look for in a politician representing a town, a constituency or a country.

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