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From 2007 A video “A Progressive Democrat Vision for Ireland” January 24, 2011

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From the 2007 General Election a video from the Progressive Democrats outlining their ‘Vision for Ireland’. Amongst those featured are Colm O’Gorman, Michael McDowell, Liz O’Donnell, Tom Parlon and the majority of the PDs candidates


3 Responses to “From 2007 A video “A Progressive Democrat Vision for Ireland””

  1. Paddy C Says:

    This video was shown prior to Michael McDowell’s Leader’s Address, at the 2007 party conference of the Progressive Democrats. Liz O’Donnell TD provided the introduction speech. The Conference took place in White’s Hotel in Wexford over the weekend of the 16th/17th/18th February 2007.

    This video was never televised.

  2. Paddy M Says:

    Trivia piece:

    i) Six of the eight then-TDs speak in that piece. Which two don’t?
    ii) Which two of the eight then-TDs are standing in this election (with some hope of success in each case)?
    iii) Which current party leader might be very relieved by the lack of hostages to fortune in that video?

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