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2011 Election flyer with No Fianna Fail Logo from Thomas McEllistrim-Fianna Fail -Kerry North West Limerick January 7, 2011

Just got this (many thanks to the sender) .. the cover of a leaflet for Fianna Fail Kerry North TD Thomas McEllistrim. Its the first bit of FF 2011 material I’ve seen.
Note the lack of Fianna Fail logo on the front.
Thomas McEllistrim is the Fianna Fail candidate for Kerry North West Limerick in the forthcoming Election.


7 Responses to “2011 Election flyer with No Fianna Fail Logo from Thomas McEllistrim-Fianna Fail -Kerry North West Limerick”

  1. theraggedwagon Says:

    Time to get the green and YELLOW markers out for these kind of posters

    • Yes….
      I’ve a few “I’m backing Bertie” Stickers I could put on to start with!

      Its actually a practice that used to be carried out. For instance the 1948 posters I’ve up some have “Vote Fianna Fail” with an ‘and emigrate’ sign pasted on.

  2. […] Mac's canvass leaflets today, no mention of Fianna Fail on the front cover! Here's the link 2011 Election flyer with No Fianna Fail Logo from Thomas McEllistrim-Fianna Fail -Kerry North West L… Bad move by Tom IMHO. I would dearly love him too beat Spring to the last seat. But how can he do […]

    • Yes. Wouldn’t it be nice. Like you I don’t feel I’ve been screwed quite enough. After all, I still have my organs …although at 61 they’re probably not worth as much as they used to be. Maybe Tom and his FF…ing friends would like the shirt off my back too? What an FF…ing eejit you must be to think any FF…er is worth a single vote. Apart from mind-bending incompetence and their rank crookery there is also their treachery to contend with. Get a life will you. Take a good look at the nose in front of your face.

  3. Interesting that he focuses on his youth and being active, cos the Kerryman has been practically running a “Where’s Tommy?” angle in the copies I saw the last few times I was down there.

    • Yep I gather hes not known for his activity either.
      I saw too that the Irish Mail on Sunday picked up on the leaflet and ran a story about it. Needless to say they didn’t give any credit for the photo of the leaflet!

  4. […] thanks to the avid readers who pointed out the Thomas McEllistrim leaflet sans FF logo posted here earlier this week had made its way into The Irish Mail on Sunday on January 9 2011. They got the bones of a full page […]

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