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Letter from Alan Farrell introducing himself to voters- Fine Gael Dublin North 2011 GE December 22, 2010

A letter to voters from Alan Farrell, the recently selected Fine Gael candidate for Dublin North.
In the letter Councillor Farrell introduces himself to voters.


9 Responses to “Letter from Alan Farrell introducing himself to voters- Fine Gael Dublin North 2011 GE”

  1. LeftAtTheCross Says:

    Gawd, what a prospect, lot’s of top-down emphasis there on an self-selectiong elite telling us ordinary punters what’s good for us, the message is heavy on traditional measures of “success”: “director”, “chairperson”, “mayor”, “whip”, “business owner” etc.

    Muppetocracy more like.

  2. Adrienne Says:

    What an ego and I certainly will not vote for Alan Farrell. All fur coat no underwear – no substance and its all about him. No Thanks there are other more credible candidates standing in North Dublin. He is part of the cute hoor, parish pump politics.

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    • Mark Says:

      The first thing this guy needs to do is find out what constituency he’s in. A large part of Swords is now in the Dublin West constituency, yet we still got this flyer. I’ll be not voting for a different Fine Gael candidate until Enda Kenny gets replaced.

  4. Michael Says:

    I know who I will not vote for but I do not know who I will vote for. As far as I am concerned the Irish people are being saddled with debts of private companies. The political class in this country failed in their duty – principally by the government but also by the opposition. If the minimum wage employee is over paid – the political class and the bureaucracy class from the office of the president down is more than overpaid – salaries, perks, pensions and expenses.
    We have over 29 County Councils, 5 City Councils, 5 Borough Councils and 75 Town Councils for a country of 4 million people. I see no chance of FG doing anything in respect of the above bureaucracy, perks, privileges and salaries, unfortunately. We do not need fliers – we need answers and commitment.

  5. Michael Says:

    My recently received flier does not show me what skills, education, background and experience this candidate has. I do not see why I should vote for him. I do not see what contribution he can make towards resolving the unemployment that affects so many, resolving the 2 tier health system, reducing the bureaucracy beyond abolishing the Senate, abolishing the “advisors” to the government, stopping the inquiry gravy trains for the legal profession and consultants. Abolish the Senate – snappy phrase. Surely it should be amend or abolish ? Why are we not being offered a real Senate instead of abolishing the “politically abused” (Taoiseach’s appointees) Senate.

  6. Brian Madden Says:

    Interesting to hear Alan mentioning putting an end to cronyism and to who you know ! If it was’nt so ironic it would be funny ! Is’nt Alan himself an integral part of this ‘Craggy Island’ system ? Well paid position in Fingal Co Co and a Property Management Co which profits from exactly the same type of ‘cronyism’ he bangs on about.. And yes you are right- its all about HIM.. We dont need any more of this type of dinosaur politician on this little island, him and his opportunist ‘cronies’ are part of the problem…

  7. […] yet in one of his election leaflets he writes… “We must now change our society from one where cronyism and who you know count […]

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