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‘For more of the shame… Vote the Same’- Ann Sweeney -Donegal South West By-Election November 25, 2010

From the 2010 Donegal South West By-Election a poster/ banner for Independent / New Island Party candidate Ann Sweeney.
It was used for the campaign in cars as SRA3 card and was up in the bar at the Carrig Rua Hotel

Many thanks to the candidate for having this sent on.


One Response to “‘For more of the shame… Vote the Same’- Ann Sweeney -Donegal South West By-Election”

  1. I’d need to see some real substance from Ann before I’d comment. Change for change sake isn’t good enough …even though ANY change will look good compared to Biffoonery and no economic-brain Brian!
    My fear would be that Ann would get some crumbs form the insider-elite for poor old Donegal and they’d all be happy as pigs in shite while the country slides down the toilet; ie another Jackie Healy-Rae? Hopefully, I’m wrong but show me some substance!

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