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“WANTED -Fianna Fail TDs …. Reward 2 billion AIB Bank Shares” -KPSWA poster November 22, 2010

Many thanks to the sender. From the Kerry Public Service Workers’ Alliance (KPSWA), website a poster “seen around Kerry recently
Jackie Healy Rae, Tom McEllistrim and John O’Donoghue are the gents pictured.


One Response to ““WANTED -Fianna Fail TDs …. Reward 2 billion AIB Bank Shares” -KPSWA poster”

  1. Yes. Very droll. Also very tragic! Also very true (the charges) but what exactly does the reference to 2 billion AIB shares refer to? Can anyone enlighten me? Are these people accused of taking / being offered these shares? If so, in return for what specifically (apart from bailing them out generally).

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