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“No Slíabh Bán Wind Farm” Leaflet -October 2010 October 10, 2010

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From October 2010 a “No Slíabh Bán Wind Farm” Leaflet. Slíabh Bán is near Strokestown in Roscommon and there has been a campaign against the erection of the Wind Farm for the past while.
They have a Facebook page.
Many thanks to the sender.


4 Responses to ““No Slíabh Bán Wind Farm” Leaflet -October 2010”

  1. Alberto Rosso Says:

    Would it really be possible to put 14 turbines on the hill as the “impression” seems to indicate?

    Is Slíabh Bán a particularly notable beauty spot? It looks like a fairly degraded environment already in this image with the mast and all.

  2. I’m no expert on the area or indeed wind farms. Its not a place nationally known, but is a prominent landmark in Roscommon.
    There is more too it though as it appears to be a project that is closely associated with the Semi State Forestry Company Coillte.

    Wind farms are popping up all over the country mostly in isolated spots. By their very isolation there are not many locals to object.

    This is a statement from a local Councillor on the issue.

    • Pat Says:

      The loss of bog land and hill bogs to wind farms is a disaster for Ireland. More C02 is released digging up the bog to erect these industrial turbines than is ever offset in the turbine’s lifetime. Industrial wind plants on Irish mountains are pollutants which only profit the investors in the wind company while destroying important habitats and endangering peoples’ health.
      Its a Con with the Wind and has to be stopped. Who is going to pay the health bills – remember high voltage power lines are needed to connect the wind plants to the grid and the power companies are too cheap to put these power lines underground.

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