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“Don’t Kill Dublin City – No To Metro North” September 18, 2010

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Was sent this (many thanks) and was unaware of a campaign against Metro North. Its seen as a 15 billion Euro White Elephant.
I gather that these posters are appearing around Town at the minute too.
There is a No To Metro North Facebook group also.


4 Responses to ““Don’t Kill Dublin City – No To Metro North””

  1. Paul O'Carr Says:

    I hope that you will not use your new role as spokesperson on Transport to lobby against major projects in Dublin, such as Metro North. Residents of Dublin, like myself, have been waiting for decades for a fast rail link to the airport and so much money has been spent on preparations for this that it would be a travesty if it does not to ahead.

    • Tom Says:

      I know this is an old thread but just to clarify – Metro north is NOT a rail link to the Airport.

      MN is a line that is planned to strech from Stephens green to Swords and beyond that will include a stop at the Airport, BUT that stop is only one of 14 that are proposed on the line. I mention this because the general public seems to be unaware of this fact and are using this erronious information to say that MN is not needed. This is a shame because it would being in alot of additional shoppers into the city center from places like swords/lusk and the like that are currently serviced by slower bus links.

      14 stops on MN – not just one at the Airport.

  2. Davd Ferguson Says:

    I second Paul’s comment. Dublin needs Metro North and Metro West badly. I’ve been looking for this project to commence for years. A fast rail link to Dublin airport makes so much sense that it hurts my head when I think about why it hasn’t been implemented already. Granted, preparations for the Metro project may have been costly – but looking at all the documentation and literature on the proposed system proves that it was worth the money. It’s a well thought-out series of plans. It’s just a pity I won’t have the privilege of using it to get to the airport when I fly out of this (only recently) boring and annoying country. Maybe it would have restored my faith in us. Maybe…

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