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One year on – The Top Ten Posts September 16, 2010

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Been on the go here for a year, have had over 100k hits and am thoroughly enjoying myself.
These are the years top 10 most popular posts.
1 – Divorce Referendum 1986- ‘The Balance Of Compassion- 12 Reasons For Saying No’

2 – Divorce Action Group Yes to Divorce

3 – ‘VOTE MING’ -Luke ‘Ming’ Flanaghan -Choice Party -late 90s

4 – Labour Party 1969 GE- ‘Instructions to drivers on polling day’

5 – ‘Roscommon Anti Head Shops Group’ flyer 2010

6 – From the 2007 Election….. FF hunting Rebel Mattie McGraths Campaign Song

7 – First Dail 1919 -Poster with picture of each member.

8 – Ian Paisley Junior Election Leaflet that the TUVs Jim Allister tried to get banned

9 –Sean Clerkin-Christian Principles Party – ‘Jobs For Youth – Not Condoms’

10 –George Lee -Poster size leaflet (with great message from Enda)-Fine Gael 2009 Dublin South

Thanks a million for all the support , donations of material and thanks for reading.



6 Responses to “One year on – The Top Ten Posts”

  1. barrygruff Says:

    Congrats and fair play – keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Barry. I was kinda surprised what was there. The divorce ones are there because there is little online of a contemporary nature from that Referendum and from what I can see they must be part of some academic courses.
      The Headshops because it was such an issue.
      George Lee….. etc etc etc

  2. Liam Byrne Says:

    If Ming does this well in the next election he’ll have a seat! 🙂

  3. This is really a great site.

    I wish there was one like it for Aus. Some university started an ephemera collection but I don’t think they had the nous to publish it as a blog or what not.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Albert. As I’ve written before I’m blessed that in 1982 I developed an unusual hobby of collecting election (and later political) material.
      Since I started the blog, I’ve been getting wonderful material both via email and regular post.
      As regarding University collections, I’m at an advantage where If I find something interesting I’ll post it. Given that most Universities are to a degree publicly funded, I’m sure they would have to be more careful what they posted.

  4. ancruiskeenlawnmower Says:

    Great site, been a fan for a long time now, gives an insight into the deveopment of politics like no other can manage. Look forward to many more gems.

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