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Fianna Fail -Liam Healy Cumman – Autumn Newsletter 2010 September 7, 2010

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The Autumn 2010 Newsletter from the Cork based Liam Healy Cumman of Fianna Fail.
Issues covered include the ‘Right of Recall’, ‘Voting for the Lord Mayor ‘, Brian Lenihans speech at Béal na mBláth and Lighting in Shandon.
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One Response to “Fianna Fail -Liam Healy Cumman – Autumn Newsletter 2010”

  1. Seanie Says:

    So, they want Fianna Fáil members to have a say in the election of the Lord Mayor of Cork? mmm, well considering one-third of the elected councillors have no say in the matter, thanks to the FF/ FG / Labour pact, it would be something novel.

    also nice to see that Noel O’Flynn paid for the postage out of his own pocket…… Or did he?

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