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Eamon Ryan -Green Party News for Dublin South- Summer 2010 September 4, 2010

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Dropped in the door during the week. Very lucky I spotted it as it was delivered in the middle of ten or so flyers from Double Glazing to pizzas. Only for the fact that I scour the junk mail looking for the likes of this it would have been in the Green Bin.
Amongst the articles are a competition to win a ‘Water Butt’, an explanation of the Free-To-Air Sports on TV a noble Iphone App for Autism at
There are other interesting items here too.
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3 Responses to “Eamon Ryan -Green Party News for Dublin South- Summer 2010”

  1. Enid Says:

    looking at the list of Green achievements, I note that he does NOT include how the Greens voted en bloc to support Mary Harney on the Health (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2010 the passing of which means that St Luke’s Cancer hospital in Rathgar goes under HSE control to be closed by 2014. This hospital is one of the few success stories of the public health service. Eamon Ryan, like the rest of the Green Tds did not attend the third stage of the Bill, only turning up to vote. I thought he looked a little embarassed when coming in to vote down a Labour amendment which would have saved Luke’s but maybe that was wishfull thinking on my part.

    • Its a good point Enid and I’m sure there are many decisions that they regretted as soon as they were made. Eamon Ryan speaking in Defence of Willie O’Dea is one that instantly springs to mind, although one with far less long term impact than the closure of St Lukes.
      In Government decisions are often the result of choices. It can be simple in deciding to give money to build a school in Mayo rather than Monaghan and so on.
      What worries many is if the choices that led to decisions were ideological rather than monetary.
      Put to extremes it would be something like ‘we’ll let you close St Lukes if you support a ban on Stag hunting’ .

      • Enid Says:

        yes, I too think the decision to support the closure of St Luke’s was because something the Greens wanted was supported by the government. The health analyst who advised on current Green health policy Marie O’Connor is on record as a supporter of St Luke’s. Party leader John Gormley both before and after he was a Minister is on record as a St Luke’s supporter. Why did the Green’s change their mind and not inform the general public? Why did they not have the courage to speak in the Dail on the debate and say why they now support closure?

        Supporting the Labour amendment to the section of the bill relating to St Luke’s would not have brought down the government. it would have annoyed Mary Harney. Surely annoying Mary Harney is not a reason to abandon principles and previously announced positions?

        Any way the campaign to save St Lukes is determined to succeed and can be contacted at

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