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Nice of the Indo to give a bit of credit on Callely Leaflet! August 31, 2010

Nice of the Indo to give a bit of credit!
A clip from last Saturdays Irish Independent …..
Now I may be wrong but I’d hazard a guess where they got it from.
So nice of them not to mention the source of the leaflet!
Oh and its not a poster!

The Original


6 Responses to “Nice of the Indo to give a bit of credit on Callely Leaflet!”

  1. dfallon Says:

    That’s incredibly shitty of them. Some journo degree where they don’t begin by telling you NOT to do this exact thing. Pure laziness.

    Still, well done on sticking it up here!

  2. barrygruff Says:

    That’s awful – but not surprised at all.

    Fionnan Sheehan abviously takes the idea of never revealing ones sources very serious 😉

  3. As I didn’t see last Saturdays Indo, I didn’t notice until one of the readers here mailed me to ask had I seen it. He kindly dug up the article, scanned it and sent it to me.
    As I say they may well have got it elsewhere but….
    Its very much a little niche here that occasionally breaks out into the wider world with the likes of Ivors and George Lees election material, so when it does it would be nice to get a bit of a mention especially in a National Daily.

  4. Paddy C Says:

    If it is any consolation Alan, I knew it was your’s from the moment I saw it !

  5. ancruiskeenlawnmower Says:

    Wouldn’t have been difficult for them to acknowledge where they got it. A moral victory for Irish Election Literature nevertheless.

  6. ejh Says:

    This happens all the time. (For instance, something we had on the chess blog I write for mysteriously turned up in the Daily Telegraph’s chess column not long afterwards.) But unless they reproduce something you’ve written as well, it’s hard to prove it.

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