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Sean Farren -SDLP -1979 Westminster Elections North Antrim June 30, 2010

From the 1979 Westminster Elections a leaflet for Sean Farren of the SDLP running in North Antrim.  Powersharing is amongst the items covered.
Sean Farren who was until recently a leading figure in the SDLP.
As images are difficult to read the text of each image is below.

North Antrim is a constituency which comprises many different local Communities, each with its own needs and problems.Each has a special Contribution to make in creating a better life for all. SDLP will be working to assist those communities meet their needs and tackle these Problems. The following are some of the issues on which we will be pressing for action to assist the Constituency as a whole.
• All extension of training facilities to assist young and redundant workers
• More emphasis on local investment in industry and encouragement for young people to set up enterprises
• A programme to build industrial estates in smaller towns and villages and so prevent rural depopulation.
• Restructuring of agricultural prices to obtain full benefits of EEC membership
• The introduction of free non means tested benefits tor the aged and disabled to cover transport. telephone. Tv and fuel.
• An accelerated programme Of renovation and repair in Housing

Aged 39 Sean graduated from the National University of Ireland in 1960 and qualified as a teacher a year later. A deep interest in the Third World led him to spend five years teaching in West Africa. He also has teaching experience in Switzerland and at home in Ireland. After post graduate studies in linguistics at Essex University he joined the Education Centre at the New University of Ulster in September 1970.
A member of SDLP since 1973, Sean has served on the Party’s Executive for the past five years and has been a vice chairman for the past two. He has been prominently involved in developing SDLP social policies, particularly on Poverty, Education, Community Relations and Human Rights.
Elected a member of Coleraine Borough Council at the local elections in 1977 for the Portrush-Portstewart area. Sean is deeply committed to furthering SDLP policies at local and national level.

Dear Elector,
The past five years have been utterly wasted from the point of view of finding a solution to the problems of Northern Ireland. When the Labour Government took office in 1974, parties representing both traditions in Northern Ireland were working together in government for the first time ever. It was the most hopeful development in the history of the Northern Ireland State. Yet , from the beginning the Labour government took up a defeatist stance and at the first sign of a challenge to the powersharing Executive they ran away from the problems.
SDLP will demand that the next British Government re assess its role in Northern Ireland. The guarantees of no change in constitutional position merely reinforces Unionist opposition to partnership and act as a barrier to political progress.
I asking for this reassessment SDLP is not posing a threat to any Community. On the contrary we believe that out of it will come a new partnership between our communities and between North and South in Ireland which will lay the foundation for real peace and progress.
Many of you in the past registered strong support for SDLP. I am now asking that you STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE by voting for me on 3 May.
Sean Farren


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