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FAQ sheet for Libertas Canvassers – Declan Ganley -2009 European Elections May 17, 2010

From the 2009 European Elections, A Frequently Asked Questions sheet for Libertas Canvassers.
Lots of questions with appealing populist answers.
The first question being..
“Who is Declan Ganley?”
“Declan is a family man from Abbeyknockmoy….came back to Ireland as a teenager when he cut turf on the bog and sold it at the market,investing his money in shares while he was still in school”

He also refers to the Turf cutting later on in the leaflet.


One Response to “FAQ sheet for Libertas Canvassers – Declan Ganley -2009 European Elections”

  1. Is it true that Declan is a liar and a crook?

    “Well yes these allegations have been raised. But Declan took those who made them to court.”


    “Well Declan ran away.”


    “Thank you for your time.”

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