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RISE (Rural Ireland Says Enough) Anti Green Poster -2010 March 28, 2010

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A RISE (Rural Ireland Says Enough) anti Green Party Poster.
From their Website
RISE! Rural Ireland Says Enough!
is campaigning at national, regional and local level to mobilise public and political opinion in support of our traditional field sports and rural pastimes.

Various proposals due in front of the Oireachtas ‘…represent part of a wider, fundamentalist Green agenda being foisted on people.’


5 Responses to “RISE (Rural Ireland Says Enough) Anti Green Poster -2010”

  1. Liam Byrne Says:

    I didn’t think it was the Greens who wanted to ban fishing – I thought it was Fianna Fáil who destroyed the fishing industry?As a participating member of “rural Ireland” I wouldn’t really miss any of the others? But then I don’t own a horse, or a hunting dog, or a gun, or ……….! Has anyone asked the hare, the stag or the fox to sign?

    • Many of the people from ‘rural Ireland’ that I know would have similar views.
      Indeed its often the inconvenience that is caused by the Hunt (trampling land and crops etc) as well as the Class Issue (Not neccessarily for all hunts) that cause more annoyance than the fate of the hare, stag or fox.
      Would this lobby be as strong as the Rod Licence crowd who ran in 1989?

  2. […] A ‘Rural Ireland Says Enough’ posterer from the protest outside the Green Party conference. […]

  3. […] their issues list. RISE have played a clever enough game too by linking Stag hunting to Angling (A RISE POSTER) . The banning of angling is (pardon the pun) a different kettle of fish altogether to banning Stag […]

  4. Mike Says:

    A bit odd that this leaflet has a Dublin telephone number no ?

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