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Workers Solidarity Movement -Election 2002 Flyer March 6, 2010

From the Anarchist, Workers Solidarity Movement urging people not to vote at all in the 2002 General Election. Not very positive about politics nor big fans of Michael Noonan either!


2 Responses to “Workers Solidarity Movement -Election 2002 Flyer”

  1. dotski Says:

    Many thanks for re-publishing this – I’m not an anarchist (LP voter, actually) but remembering getting this leaflet from a mate in the WSM at the time and thinking it was the funniest ever – I particularly loved the Noonan”Blustering, Blindly” which summer up FG’s performance in the election – they lost a shed-load of TDs, and JO’D (IIRC) pronounced on the count night that it was the first ever election when the main opposition party was kicked out of office!

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