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Joe Behan -Fianna Fail (now Independent)-2007 GE Wicklow February 22, 2010

From the 2007 General election. The now Independent TD Joe Behan when running for Fianna Fail in Wicklow. He is full of praise for outgoing Independent TD Mildred Fox.
Joe Behan has been a councillor since 1985, so would be well acquainted with many of the problems in Wicklow and indeed well set up to hold his seat.
The Green Agenda, Farming, commuting,Housing and Education (Joe Behan is an ex Primary School Principal and Teacher) are the main issues he asks for support upon.


One Response to “Joe Behan -Fianna Fail (now Independent)-2007 GE Wicklow”

  1. martin Says:

    Dear Mr Behan

    I had beleived you were a man of honour , but voting for the social welfare bill tonight I accuse you of being a Traitor and a coward like your former collegues in FF. I hope your family is proud of you.


    Unkind Regards


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