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George Lee as a Team Player….in 1981! February 11, 2010

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Found this clipping and given the criticism of George Lee that he wasn’t a ‘Team Player’ , here he is in 1981 on the Ballyboden St Endas Junior Football team!


8 Responses to “George Lee as a Team Player….in 1981!”

  1. Paddy Duffy Says:


  2. Thanks Paddy, found it at home and couldn’t resist posting. Had all this stuff hidden away to post when George became Taoiseach ………….

  3. healthy sceptic Says:

    To be honest I would prefer if that team were in the Dail instead of Fine Gael. For one thing they are far more alert.

  4. Paddy Duffy Says:

    Michael Ring does have a bit of a centre-half enforcer quality to him though! Heh, The Ballyboden GAA Party will sweep George to high office yet!

  5. CloudCuckoo Says:

    George, having been promised the captaincy of the team was dismayed when he found out he didn’t even have a say in team tactics.

  6. Drithleóg Says:

    St. Enda can’t be too happy with him these days 🙂

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