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“They Will Tax the Roof over Your Head” -Fine Gael anti Property Tax Leaflet 1994 January 16, 2010

1994 and the Labour/ Fianna Fail coalition announce that they intend to introduce a ‘Property Tax’.   The arguements here against the tax still stand, so its just as relevant today as it was in 1994. The 1994 tax seemed to take into account both the value of the house and the income of householders.


13 Responses to ““They Will Tax the Roof over Your Head” -Fine Gael anti Property Tax Leaflet 1994”

  1. […] pay their mortgages big and small, on properties in negative equity and fast losing their value. An Anti Property tax leaflet from 1994 when we had a property tax in the early 90s bought in by Fianna Fail and Labour. Gives other […]

  2. […] charge in ’94 still valid today: anti-home ownership, double-taxation etc were all part of a Fine Gael Leaflet condemning the coalitions plans. So what’s […]

  3. Mickey mouse Says:

    This government are a bunch of turncoats,NOT ONE MORE RED CENT INTO ANGLO we were told ‘the end of this month the government will be handing over 4.1 billion to pay the bondholders.I am looking forward to the local elections and voting on the Fiscal treaty?

  4. fleminghway61 Says:

    Brilliant source! Thanks for blogging! I’ve reblogged this, hope you don’t mind.

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  6. […] Some other Anti Property Tax leaflets from the then…. One from Olivia Mitchell and one from Fine Gael. Many thanks to the sender. Share […]

  7. […] they are none other than the majority partners in our present Government: Fine Gael.  Read what their position was in 1994 at a time when, from a middle and lower income family point of view, a much more benign form of […]

  8. steven walsh Says:

    just nobody wants property tax anything els but that, i have to pay 400 an even at that dont know if its valued right they could say i owe more in years to come, i have to pay it other wise i dont get tax clerance cert, then i dont have taxi work, then i cant live or look after my family.

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