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Royston Brady Fianna Fail – Dublin 2004 -‘Missing- Can you help?’ October 21, 2009

The 2004 European Elections and Fianna Fail have high hopes that Berties boy Royston Brady may help win a second seat for the party.
A popular Lord Mayor Brady was seen as having a great chance and opinion polls early in the campaign had him winning a seat……..

…then came a series of gaffes in interviews.. among them, being unable on a number of occasions to name the new countries joining the EU and also a claim that his fathers Taxi was stolen and used as a getaway car by the loyalists who bombed Dublin in 1974.
From hogging the limelight he suddenly went off the airwaves with a number of weeks left in the campaign. … This poster was seen around Dublin at the time.

Royston Brady Missing Poster


3 Responses to “Royston Brady Fianna Fail – Dublin 2004 -‘Missing- Can you help?’”

  1. The Unemployed Blog Says:

    Very interesting. I wonder what happened if you called the number.

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