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Flyer From Bill Dwyer -Fianna Fail -Thurles Town Council -2009 Local Elections September 17, 2012

From the 2009 Local Elections a flyer from Bill Dwyer running for Fianna Fail for Thurles Town Council. He finished 10th just outside the seats.
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Leaflet from Gerard O’Brien- Fianna Fail -Thurles Town Council 2009 Local Elections May 27, 2012

From the 2009 Local Elections a Leaflet for Gerard O’Brien a Fianna Fail candidate for Thurles Town Council. He polled 266 votes and was elected.
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In 2009 Gerard O’Brien was elected to Thurles Town Council for Fianna Fáil.
Gerard is an incredible guy who was born without any arms and just one leg due to the Thalidomide drug.
He was a secondary school teacher in Monkstown CBS. Re-trained as a solicitor and founded a practice in Thurles.
He conducted Thurles Folk Group and founded the Phoenix Musical Society.
In 2012 Gerard was appointed State Solicitor for North Tipp and was forced to resign from the Town Council.



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