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Leaflet from Tom Foxe -1992 General Election- Longford Roscommon April 22, 2011

From the 1992 General Election a leaflet for Tom Foxe of the The Roscommon Hospital Action Committee (H.A.C.). Foxe was first elected in the 1989 General Election (leaflet here) and in the 1991 Local Elections he topped the poll in the Roscommon Electoral area bring ing in a running mate Eithne Quinn. You see a reference to Post Office closures being averted in the leaflet, At least 2 Councillors were elected on anti postal cuts platform in the 1991 Local Elections in Roscommon.

In this 1992 election he was elected. He lost his seat in 1997.
There is more on Tom Foxe here.



Martin Hogan -‘Pro Life Man’-1992 Longford-Roscommon November 11, 2009

The 1992 General election was held on the same day as the Abortion Referenda on The Right to Life, The right to travel and The right to information.
A lot of pro life candidates stood as for the first time Fianna Fail were seen by many as no longer 100% Anti Abortion.
It was the aftermath of the ‘X Case’ and later this Referendum that led to the formation of the likes of the Christian Principles Party, The National Party,
The Christian Solidarity Party, The Christian Centreist Party and Muintir Na hEireann.
Martin Hogan Polled just 459 votes.


Mae Sexton- Independent 1992 -Longford Roscommon November 10, 2009

New Labour Party recruit, Mae Sexton was initially elected to Longford County Council and UDC in 1991 as an Independent.
This is her missive from the 1992 General Election.
Over the years a number of Independent Councillors such as Mae Sexton and Kate Walsh joined the PDs.
Here though Mae ‘never felt that joining a political party would accomodate the free expression of my points of view’.
She was also opposed to Service charges and a number of other items that could have seemed incompatible with the PDs.
In 2010 she joined the Labour Party. Another councillor to do so was John Kelly in neighbouring Roscommon.



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