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“Maynooth Labour News June 1991” -John McGinley Labour 1991 Local Elections -Celbridge December 21, 2013

from the 1991 Local Elections for the Celbridge LEA “Maynooth Labour News” urging a number one vote for John McGinley. On the back it asks for a number 2 for Colm Purcell and a number 3 for Emmet Stagg. It has details of the ‘ROAR’ campaign (Repair our awful roads) , a picture of what was the public toilets in Maynooth and a few other local items.
Stagg and Purcell were elected, although John McGinley was co-opted to the council in 1992 to replace Emmet Stagg.




Anti Fianna Fail Leaflet from John McGinley, Colm Purcell and Emmet Stagg -Labour -1991 Local Elections Celbridge November 28, 2010

From the 1991 Local elections a Labour Party Leaflet Attacking Lies told by Fianna Fail in its 1985 Local Elections Manifesto. The Leaflet is for the Labour candidates John McGinley, Colm Purcell and Emmet Stagg.
John McGinley didn’t win a seat although won a seat in 1999 and has held it since.
Former Workers Party Councillor and General Election candidate Colm Purcell held on to his seat. Whilst current TD, Emmet Stagg topped the poll and won a seat.



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