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‘Politicians on the Fiddle:Vote Them Out-‘Campaign for Honesty in Politics’ 1991 November 17, 2009

1991 Local Elections and a leaflet from the ‘Campaign for Honesty in Politics’ to Vote Out the Big Parties. As tribunals have shown, they were more than correct about ‘Politicians on the Fiddle’.
I’m not sure who was behind the ‘Campaign for Honesty in Politics’, names such as Michael Smith and Colm MacEochaidh have been suggested, but it may not have been them. (It was in 1995 that the reward was offered that led to the tribunals.)
I had it filed away with Green Party material from Ballybrack if that provides a clue to anyone. The Green Party and The Workers Party were the only ‘Small’ Parties to contest Ballybrack and Blackrock. Sinn Fein contested the Dun Laoghaire ward.
Anyway I’d love to know who was behind the leaflet.
As you can see the issues covered are on the Southside of Dublin. Some of the lands mentioned may have been part of the now infamous ‘Jackson Way’ land. It also illustrates the cynical way councillors were using their vote. Also mentioned is the compensation that councils had to pay developers when they refused planning permission.



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