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“No to Water Charges” Leaflet from Denise Parker, Terry Kelleher , Maurice Sweeney -Anti Austerity Alliance -Balbriggan March 22, 2014

A “No to Water Charges” Leaflet from Denise Parker, Terry Kelleher and Maurice Sweeney who are running for the Anti Austerity Alliance in Balbriggan.
The North County Dublin AAA Facebook Page
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“Drogheda Socialist” newsletter from Ciarán McKenna -Anti Austerity Alliance -Drogheda March 19, 2014

A copy of “Drogheda Socialist” the spring  newsletter from Socialist Party Drogheda Borough Councillor Ciarán McKenna who is running for the Anti Austerity Alliance  in Drogheda for a seat on Louth County Council.
The Anti Austerity Alliance website
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“Oppose Water Rip-Off!” leaflet from Conor Mac Liam -Anti Austerity Alliance -Kilkenny West February 15, 2014

A leaflet “Oppose Water Rip-Off!” from Conor Mac Liam who is running for The Anti Austerity Alliance in Kilkenny West for a seat on Kilkenny County Council.
The Kilkenny Anti Austerity Alliance Facebook Page
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“Introducing the Anti Austerity Alliance” Mulhuddart Leaflet -Annette Hughes, Jimmy Keenan, Ruth Coppinger, Bernadette Rynne December 4, 2013

“Introducing the Anti Austerity Alliance” a leaflet from the AAA introducing both the AAA and their 2014 Mulhuddart Local Election candidates Annette Hughes, Jimmy Keenan, Ruth Coppinger and Bernadette Rynne.
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‘No To Forced Emigration’ leaflet from Paul Murphy MEP -Socialist Party -Dublin November 21, 2013

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A leaflet from Socialist Party MEP for Dublin Paul Murphy ‘No To Forced Emigration’. It also has pieces on Abortion rights, The Mortgage crisis and the Anti Austerity Alliance fighting the 2014 Local Elections.



Join the ‘Anti-Austerity Alliance’ leaflet from the Limerick Anti-Austerity Alliance October 7, 2013

A Leaflet Join the ‘Anti-Austerity Alliance’ from the Limerick Anti-Austerity Alliance Campaign , which is part of a National Anti Austerity Alliance which will be fielding candidates in the 2014 Local Elections. The ‘Anti-Austerity Alliance’ was previously part of the Campaign against Household and Water  Taxes and The Campaign Against Property Tax and Austerity .

Eight candidates have been selected so far in Limerick (with more to come) They are:
Cian Prendiville and Mary Hartery to contest the North City ward
Derrick Towell, Paul Keller & Stephanie O’Shea to contest the 8 seat East City ward
John Loftus to contest the 7 seat West City ward.
In the county, Joe Harrington will contest the Newcastle West ward, and Kathleen Enright will contest in Adare/Rathkeale.
According to the campaign, another selection conference will be organised in the autumn to add an extra candidate for West City, and for the Cappamore Killmallock ward.
Their Facebook page



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