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A €540 Billion Euro Bank Note February 16, 2011

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Via the excellent Come Here to Me a €540 Billion Euro Bank Note distributed by members of the Shell to Sea Campaign in Dublin earlier this week.
More details here


3 Responses to “A €540 Billion Euro Bank Note”

  1. Surely we can afford to give this away to our poor friends in Sweden; and sure poor Tony O’Reilly, a real Irish patriot, deserves to have a few more €bn! Christ, what feckin’ eejits we are.

  2. Daragh McDowell Says:

    Of course, what none of these plonkers realise is that there is no ‘market’ pirce for natural gas. It is hugely difficult to extract, store and ship so the price is basically determined by what kind of long-term contract you can arrange with a customer at the the other end of the pipe, which again, is fixed.

    Additionally it costs billions of Euro to actually begin extracting this stuff. There’s no indication at any point that Shell broke the law, acted unethically or immorally. OTOH there’s pucks of evidence about who the ‘Shell2Sea’ protestors represent, and its not the people of Corrib.

  3. Fin Dwyer Says:

    “OTOH there’s pucks of evidence about who the ‘Shell2Sea’ protestors represent, and its not the people of Corrib”

    You clearly have no idea what your talking about. Have you ever been to there – I presume not? If you have you’d realise that the communities affected live in a place called Erris. Corrib is the name of lake and river in Galway and a gas field off the west coast both nearly 100 miles from the Terminal site at Bellanaboy. You presumably take your information from the likes of Paul Williams?
    Shell to Sea was formed in 2005 by several communities in Northern Erris but I am reasonable and willing to listen so in your infinite wisdom Daragh who does Shell to Sea represent?

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