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Spartacist Ireland No 6 Autumn/Winter 2004 January 3, 2018

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The Autumn/Winter 2004 edition of “Spartacist Ireland” produced by the Spartacist Group Ireland. It was the sith of 8 editions of Spartacist Ireland that were produced. Contains pieces on The aftermath of the 2004 European and Local Elections, The Citizenship Referendum , these contain various attacks on the SWP, Socialist Party and others . Also includes pieces on the Ukraine, Iraq, Marriage and the Capitalist State.I’ve uploaded it in PDF format here (page 7 is missing from the pdf but included below.


3 Responses to “Spartacist Ireland No 6 Autumn/Winter 2004”

  1. Bristler Says:

    I think that they still have a PO Box in Dublin. I sometimes read the paper of the US section ‘Workers Vanguard’ must check. Btw theyve been writing on Ireland again as they’ve revised their line on the nation question Quebec , Catalonia etc

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