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Flyer from Martin Kenny -Sinn Fein – 2014 Roscommon / South Leitrim Bye-Election September 17, 2014

A flyer from Martin Kenny who is running for Sinn Fein in the 2014 Roscommon South Leitrim By Election.




One Response to “Flyer from Martin Kenny -Sinn Fein – 2014 Roscommon / South Leitrim Bye-Election”

  1. ian Murphy Says:

    Hi Martin how are things I was watching u on prime time juring the week I am a sopporter of Sinn Fein and would like to see them in power I think I have some Ideas that would help this country and help Sinn Fein get the votes that they need I am involved in some on line investing that Is working me and every one that is involved I think that if u and your party make contact with me and who I am dealing with u will see that things are working I think that if we worked together on a project that could benifet the people of Ireland and just maybe we could scrap some of these taxs show the people of Ireland that there is better ways of doing things if the project was to be a great idea people will start to sopport Sinn Fein could u get back onto me if u want to no more in what I am trying to say to u

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