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Anti Water Fluoridation leaflet from ‘The Girl Against Fluoride’ November 13, 2013

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An anti Water Fluoridation leaflet from ‘The Girl Against Fluoride’ which I got recently. It seems this is a debate that may become more prominent over the next few years.
The Girl Against Fluoride website




4 Responses to “Anti Water Fluoridation leaflet from ‘The Girl Against Fluoride’”

  1. […] Finally An anti Water Fluoridation leaflet from ‘The Girl Against Fluoride’ […]

  2. martha brassil Says:

    That leaflet has since been amended. It is now replaced by a calendar that can be seen on

  3. Interestingly, Both Aisling FitzGibbon and Martha Brassil (her mother, fellow campaign manager, and commenter above) neglect much of their background.

    They are perhaps too modest to mention that they are one of a handful of qualified practitioners of Integrated Energy Therapy, a system that enables those who have purchased certificates to commune with angels and redirect their cosmic healing rays into humans and pets.

    They’re also both opposed to vaccines, Brassil favouring homeopathy instead. FitzGibbon is currently studying under Barbara Wren, a woman who has been caught on camera pretending to have cured cancer through a combination of urine and castor oil.

    Having so thoroughly and completely abandoned the scientific method I see little merit in their thoughts on water purification.

    For more, see

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