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“Tobacco First What Next? ..start by removing the branding from cigarettes and where will it end?” August 29, 2013

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An ad targeted at James Reilly and the proposal to make cigarette packaging plain that appeared in an Irish Hospitality magazine (Hospitality Ireland I think) . The ad is sponsored by JTI , which is Japan Tobacco International . Apologies for the quality of the pictures but I still thought it worth posting.
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2 Responses to ““Tobacco First What Next? ..start by removing the branding from cigarettes and where will it end?””

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  2. Just think how happy and healthy we’ll all be when fast food, soda, sweetened cereals, and petrol are all taxed at the same rate and packaged like cigarettes!

    Roughly their prices would quadruple so people would eat/drink/use a lot less and eat healthier (rice & potatoes & and soy cereal), drink healthier (8 glasses of water a day is all anyone should ever want), and travel healthier (walking, bicycling, and mass-transit could replace roughly 90% of car trips!)

    According to California’s Dr. Robert Lustig, sweetened fizzy drinks represent “the greatest health crisis in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD!” I.E. worse than malaria, VD, or the Black Death. With claims like that out there, how can you imagine you will NOT see labels on such things sporting pics of 600 pound bed-bound nudes being rolled over to expose oozing bed sores while you enjoy your tasty Super-Fizzy-Cola at $5/pint? Picture all consumer automobiles being the same shape and painted puke green while 75% of their surface displays ripped apart bodies trailing entrails and blood along the pavement as their portions are pulled out of wrecks! What a great way to encourage children to protest when murderous mom or dad want to stuff them in the family sedan!

    Who could ever object to such things? Only Evil Industry and baby killers!

    – MJM

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