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Flyer from Thomas Byrne -Fianna Fail -2013 Meath East By Election March 15, 2013

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From the 2013 Meath East By-Election a leaflet from Fianna Fail candidate Senator Thomas Byrne with the theme “There is a fairer way to recovery”
Many Thanks to the sender.

I’ve had a request from another collector ,Yes I’m not alone 🙂 ,for Meath East material, so if you would like to send me on material from the by-election please get in touch. Thanks Alan

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2 Responses to “Flyer from Thomas Byrne -Fianna Fail -2013 Meath East By Election”

  1. hjfoley Says:

    Hypocrisy knows no bounds. These guys should go on a blushing course1

  2. Denis Lenihan Says:

    Im a contributary OAP on 225.70. Im under pressure this week. My car NCT expired last month but it will just have to wait. My car insurance is 310 and they need more than 100 euro up front and Ive never had to use easy payments in my life before. Im three miles from the nearest shop and of course no public transport. I have a phone in my house for 50 years and it served the wider community for years, now it has to go. I tried to cancel my Aviva health insurance but they have a blackmail clause if I cancel they will sue me for the remainder of the years fee. This government have resorted to threats and intimidation to extract money from people that just do not have it. In the meantime Gilmore and company are guzzling down expensive wines at 20 Euro a glass and holidaying at the four corners of the earth at the taxpayers expense.

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