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“The Government You Deserve” -Progressive Democrats 1989.. with a great attack on Fianna Fail January 18, 2013

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From the 1989 General Election campaign an ad from the Progressive Demcorats “The Government You Deserve”. In it is a fairly ironic attack on Fianna Fail..

Fianna Fail does not have the vision, the policies or the people to be entrusted with running our country for the next five years. They’re a party of strokes and slush funds, of planning scandals and blatant favourtism…

It argues for a vote for the Progressive Democrats and Fine Gael, who went into that 1989 General Election in an alliance.
The irony of the attack on Fianna Fail…. The PDs went into government with Fianna Fail after this 1989 election. A historic government as Fianna Fail for the first time went into coalition and seen as a betrayal by many FF people at the time. I think it was Albert Reynolds who called it a ‘Temporary Little Arrangement”.



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