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Leaflet from Frances Fitzgerald- Fine Gael- 2002 Seanad Election Administrative Panel January 3, 2013

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With what looks like a Fine Gael Halo a 2002 Seanad Election Leaflet from Frances Fitzgerald who was running for a seat on the Administrative Panel. She missed out on a seat.



One Response to “Leaflet from Frances Fitzgerald- Fine Gael- 2002 Seanad Election Administrative Panel”

  1. Mike Cooney Says:

    No reason at all why she shouldn’t live in the Georgian Village, however, one wonders how in touch she is with the vast majority of people living in less palatial accommodation. I have to wonder if she is in fact a ‘tea cup politician’. Somehow I don’t picture Francis on the barricades alongside the downtrodden, the hungry and the deprived. No, afternoon tea and scones in the Shelbourne hotel might be nearer the mark for this gentile resident of Castleknock. And in closing – beware of ambitious City Counselors – they always have an agenda!

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