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“Worst Attack on Schools and Teachers in History -Where is the Response?”ASTI Fightback leaflet for Rally 27th March in the Teachers Club March 21, 2012

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From the ASTI Fightback group a leaflet “Worst Attack on Schools & Teachers in History -Where is the Response?”advertising a Rally on the 27th March in the Teachers Club.

The mail that came with the leaflet …

At the emergency meeting that was held by the Dublin West Branch a couple of weeks ago it was decided that some action should be taken to start to bring all teachers together be they permanent, part-time or students. We have been working hard over the last number of weeks in trying to bring together various activists in the three teachers unions. We have now with their help set up a large protest rally on the 27th of March in the teachers club on Parnell Square Dublin at 8.30pm. This is rally is OPEN TO ALL TEACHERS REGARDLESS OF UNION, BRANCH OR SCHOOL Please find attached the leaflet that we have produced for the rally. Please do try to make it along to the Rally if at all possible, but also please print it, photocopy it and spread it around your staff room and if you can email it as far and wide as possible to any contacts that you have that would be a great help. The bigger the attendance we get the bigger impact we will have in trying to defend ourselves and our students from these disastrous austerity measures.

We will also be holding an organisation meeting to help build for the rally next Tuesday 20th in the halfway house at 8pm. All welcome.

ASTI Fightback


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