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From 1981 a Brilliant Fianna Fail ad looking for the Youth Vote! December 28, 2011

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From 1981 an attempt by Fianna Fail to attract the Youth Vote.
I love the young man asking “When we come to buy a house what chance have we got?” only to be answered by none other than Ray Burke , who was an expert in the matter of housing and planning.


8 Responses to “From 1981 a Brilliant Fianna Fail ad looking for the Youth Vote!”

  1. Ray and the lads don’t half look like Guy Richie villains

  2. theraggedwagon Says:

    Nice timing with this – State Papers from 1981 are just out and show Fianna Fail were cooking the books massively at the time. The Ad though is very engaging.

  3. micheal2og Says:

    Gosh, it has Tom Nolan, who was briefly Minister of Labour, promising training schemes for young people to learn new skills.

    Toms and some of his family owed a chocolate/sweet-factory and warehouse at Strawhall Industrial Estate, Carlow where youngsters learned to pack Easter Eggs for a pittance.

    • Eamonn Nolan Says:

      Well Micheal2og, When Tom was speaking about ‘Training Schemes’ and ‘New Skills’, he had assumed young people had mastered the basic skill of writing. He was right, of course, except for you..

    • marie murphy Says:

      I actually packed easter eggs with the nolans and had a fantastic time, it was such a lovely place to work, we had great laughs everyday and earned lots of money, would love if it was still there. What a lovely family.

  4. “more money than ever….. provided funds….. more money than ever…. grants…. additional facilities”
    A lot done, more to do

  5. […] 8. Ireland’s had an exciting political history, and Irish Election Literature is a fascinating and sometimes comic look at Ireland’s political past. Check out Fianna Fáil’s attempt to get down with the kids in 1981… […]

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