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Tom O’Higgins -Fine Gael -1966 Presidential Election October 20, 2011

A leaflet from Fine Gael candidate Tom O’Higgins from the 1966 Presidential Election where he lost to Eamon DeValera by just over 10,000 votes.
Many thanks to the sender.
(Apologies that the middle isn’t readable, should anyone have a better copy would love it.)


One Response to “Tom O’Higgins -Fine Gael -1966 Presidential Election”

  1. EM Says:

    Jeez wept…

    An O’Higgins in the Park.

    He was brought into my class at school in the 1973 election but some of my classmates had erected posters of Erksine Childers at a height they couldnt be removed and which he had to see on his way back out.

    Fine Gael has never apologised for its conduct in government in those years.

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