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From Fine Gael in 1938 – “Meath Wants No More Migrants!! “ October 18, 2011

From the 1938 General Election and Ad for Fine Gael Meath -Westmeath candidates Michael Sweeney, Patrick Giles and Charles Fagan. Fagan and Giles were elected. Some info on Giles.
The context of “Meath Wants No More Migrants!!” was the foundation of the Gaeltacht at Rathcairn and the influx of Irish Speakers from Connemara.


5 Responses to “From Fine Gael in 1938 – “Meath Wants No More Migrants!! “”

  1. dotski Says:

    I presume it was related to the Gaeltachts created?

  2. The Oncoming Storm Says:

    “I hear you’re a racist now Patrick!” 😉

  3. Think the reference to “migrants” refers to the breakup of large estates owned by absentee landlords in Meath and the allocation of this land to people from Gaeltacht speaking areas in Galway and Mayo in Gibbstown and Rathcairn. According to wikipedia this started in 1935 so would have been very current issue in 1938. There must have been resentment because it was not given to locals. I remember seeing a sign in 1996 when Meath played Mayo in the All-Ireland final, it read “Ye may have taken our land, but ye won’t take our Sam”

  4. Fantastic info thanks Dotski and James. Makes total sense.

  5. […] wonderful Irish Election Literature blog does it again with this Fine Gael election poster from 1938 protesting against “Migrants” in County Meath. That’s […]

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