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Flyer from Gay Mitchell -Fine Gael- 2011 Presidential Election September 22, 2011

From the 2011 Presidential Election a flyer from Fine Gael candidate Gay Mitchell. It has the same slogan “Pride at Home, Respect Abroad” as Mary Davis, although Mitchell is due to change is slogan.


One Response to “Flyer from Gay Mitchell -Fine Gael- 2011 Presidential Election”

  1. EM Says:

    Mitchell does not need to change his slogan.

    He needs to change his party.

    His bunch are under impression (have always been, too) that without the State would never exist. Nauseating nonsense.

    Fine Gael drove a President from office in 1976 due to conduct of a Minister for Defence who insulted the Commander in Chief of Defence Forces in presence of soldiers. The Minister offered to resign but, shamefully, his Taoiseach declined to accept that offer. Ministers in that Government stood by that decision.

    Fine Gael should never be allowed to hold Presidency till they publicly apologise for it.

    Fine Gael should also recall its record in first Government of this State. They executed 77 people without trial, taken from prison cells, beaten to death in prison cells or executed as prisoners of war. Its Minister for Finance, Mr Collins, was heavily engaged in or associated with kidnaps and killings.

    Sean MacBride refused to allow a Fine Gael leader hold the office of Taoiseach in 1948-1951 and again in 1957-1961 because of these atrocities…for which Fine Gael has not only never apologised but which it regards as part of its (proud????) history and heritage. Shameless as well as shameful.

    Despite this litany of shame Fine Gael contested elections in which they sought to portray Fianna Fail as directy as they do Sinn Fein today. The electorate’s response was to toss them into wilderness for decades.

    Conveniently, the FG party did a name change which distanced itself, they felt, itself from that era of shame. But it should not be forgotten now, not least because the President coming to power in 2011 will be in situ when some of these events are 100 years old. Fine Gael is 100% unfit to hold that office for that reason.

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