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Noel Browne pictures from The Socialist Labour Party August 19, 2011

Was given these photos by someone who had been involved with the Socialist Labour Party (Many thanks).
Given that Browne was such an important and influential figure in Irish Politics I thought I’d post them.
The first picture is from the 1979 Local Election Campaign of Socialist Labour Party candidates in the Artane / Coolock ward.
Pictured with Noel Browne are four children and the candidates Jim Maher, Mairin Breheny, Bert Bennett and David Neligan. Neligan was a political assistant to Dr.Noel Browne from 1968 to 1982.
Bert Bennett polled 923 votes and missed on the last seat by 223 votes. Jim Maher polled 788 , David Neligan polled 689 whilst Mairin Breheny polled 448.
The Second picture is Noel Browne and the third picture is of Noel Browne, with Bert Bennett and two others that I can’t identify,


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